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  • Beautiful White Kitchen + Dining Room Design


    Room Design

    Image from Brit.Co

    There’s an obvious trend with my pins on my kitchen board on Pinterest. They’re all white! I am passionate about a beautiful white kitchen. It feels clean and fresh—exactly how you would like to feel in a space that has the potential to feel germy and (in my case) disastrous.

    Here are some ways to create a beautiful white kitchen that’s homey and modern.

    Small Spaces

    Image from Design Collectors

    1. Find the perfect white chairs.

    I love chairs. They might be my favorite piece of furniture. Finding the right chair for your space is crucial. If you have a small dining area, go for chairs that are easily stackable. If you have a bit more space, go for ones that can afford to be more substantial.

    Modern Kitchen

    Image from VT Wonen

    2. Add something organic.

    When you’ve selected the perfect white chair, add on a few contrasting elements like beautiful greenery to the table.

    Modern Interior Design

    Image from Cupersia

    3. Try subway tile.

    If you're going for an all-over white, subway tiles are a great idea. They create a cohesive feel to the space and provide a classic aesthetic.

    4. Add modern lighting.

    You'll want to select lighting that doesn’t hide and makes a statement.This black pendant lamp hanging over a table is a great contrast to the white furniture.

    White Dining Chairs

    Here are some beautiful white chairs that I would love to add to my dream kitchen.

    1.    Wendover modern white dining chairs would work well in any modern setting.

    2.    These white modern S-chairs are my dream! I’d love them in my home.

    3.    These bunny white and chrome dining chairs are easily stackable. Perfect for a smaller space!

    4.    These nob hill white chairs have a touch of the traditional with their classic shape, yet are updated with cleaner lines and color.

    Images: Brit.Co, Fav Home Ideas, Design Collectors, VT Wonen, Cupersia

  • Ideas for Stylish Bathroom Lighting


    Stylish Bathroom Lighting

    I am a firm believer that bathrooms deserve beautiful lighting just as much as any other room. Bathrooms should not be a space that collects the leftover or second best. We spend a good amount of prepping time in the bathroom so we might as well create an aesthetically pleasing space.

    The bathroom above is picture perfect! The best accessory is the pendant light. Modern bathroom lights create a fresh look and compliments both modern and traditional design.

    Pendant Light

    Full glass lighting is a great option for any bathroom. Mostly because it compliments any style. It also looks very clean and crisp. And the best part is that it can be mixed with just about any material, color and pattern.

    Modern Bathroom

    When picking out a bathroom light, don’t worry about it matching the other materials perfectly. Mixing and matching is not only trendy but it allows you to think outside of the box and create a fun space.

    Stylish Bathroom Design

    Remember, don’t overlook your bathroom. You will be surprised at how beautiful you'll feel getting ready in a beautiful space. Create that hotel like experience for everyday living!!

    Images: Chic DecoDesire To Inspire, The Style Files, The Design Files

  • Modern Floor Lamps For Style + Space Saving


    Floor Lamp Ideas

    When planning your lighting design in any space, a floor lamp is always a perfect choice. And when selected correctly floor lamps add character, ample light, plus take up very little space. 

    Modern Floor Lamps

    1. Robert Abbey Logan Aged Brass 68 1/2-Inch-H Floor Lamp 2. Kinetic Antique Brass Robert Abbey Floor Lamp

    3. Bridget Town Drum Shade 76-Inch-H Arc Floor Lamp 4.Possini Euro Burbridge Metal Floor Lamp 

    An artful, or more substantial floor lamp looks best next to a sofa or between two wing back chairs.  For a touch of modern style or to accentuate a modern interior, silver arc lamps are an obvious choice and look great placed behind the corner piece of a sectional. 

    When furnishing an office, consider a sleek and simple floor lamp next to your desk.

    With today’s vast array of floor lamps you’ll easily be able to find a style that suits your interiors!

    Image: Architectural Digest

  • Design Tips For A Backyard That Twinkles


    Design Tips

    Image from Justina Blakeney

    I recently rehabbed my patio, but, as you can see from the above photo, the design is far from complete as I'm missing something quite essential: outdoor lighting! Since dining al fresco is one of my very favorite activities especially on warm SoCal evenings, I'm thinking a lot about the mood outdoors and how I want to light up my outdoor space to make it cozy, warm and inviting.

    White Dining Chairs

    Zuo Modern White 33-Inch-H Set of 2 S-Chairs

    I want my yard to twinkle! I want something to illuminate my front door and am considering this Toledo Old Silver wall light. Love the vintage look of it and it reminds me of the streets of Florence, Italy where I lived for many years. I also love this Corbett Bangle Modern Gold outdoor light.

    Gold Outdoor SconceI like the idea of making my outdoor space feel like an outdoor living room and I think that the warm glow of the gold would help with that--this Milo Antique Brass one is pretty sexy too. I love post lamps for outdoor spaces too. They remind me of secret gardens and fantastical places. I think that this ornate Bravada Glass Outdoor Post Light would add just the right amount of whimsicality to my yard.

    Outdoor Post Light

    Something low is also key...something that illuminates the succulents and flowers I've spent so much time caring for...for that I'm thinking something modern, and I love the Maxim Marlex Nautical White Small Outdoor Post Light-- It's got those mid-century modern lines that I love.

    Outdoor Dining

    Image from Apartment Therapy

    I can't wait to light up my yard this summer!

    Images: Justina Blakeney, Apartment Therapy

  • Usher in the Summer Style with Gold & Coral Home Accents


    Summer Style

    As the warmer months approach, there are fewer colors that can welcome romance, whimsy, and a playful, fresh feel like a pinky coral can.  Pair the coral with gold and the result is strikingly sophisticated. Whether designing a modern, eclectic or contemporary space, pairing pink linen, like on the Mid-Century Modern Coral Linen Annabelle Chair with gold, like on this

    Kathy Ireland Gold Table Lamp will make a room feel glamorous without being totally over-the-top. Add a sunburst mirror like this Modern Gold Sun Ray Oval Mirror and bring reflections of the glimmering gold sun in, too.

    Home Furnishings

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    I know what you're thinking... What will my husband/roommate/boyfriend think? But pairing this soft color with hard angles (like on these gold side tables, or this geometric pendant lamp) balances out the color so that the coral accents can be neutralized and not look over-the-top 'feminine'--coral can work for any space! Simply add in a couple of gold wall sconces, like  this classic one or this chunky one (that I am obsessed with) or a coral mirror, and the walls will scream chic without being 'too much' of anything. What do you think of this color pair? Would you decorate one of your rooms with this color scheme?

    Images: Coastal Living, Houzz, Inspirations Deco, Bohemian Sense

April, 2014