Modern Office Design

Image from French by Design

I've been thinking about office design a lot lately. But I'm not thinking fax machines and cubicles and worker bees crammed-in like sardines. I'm talking about decorating the office intelligently. Making a space that induces calm, creativity and productivity.

Office with Plants

Image from Femke Pastijn

As you can see above, bringing nature into the office is easy and a great way to maintain morale. The more outdoor-oriented among us might want to consider the cooling and calming effect of modern LED fountains.

Big Office Windows

Image from French by Design

Contrary to logic, a comfortable office isn't about having lots of space. As you see both above and below, work stations are stacked on top of one another. Open sight-lines and ample sunlight help keep the claustrophobia away. 

Industrial Style Office

Image from Tyyli & Koti

You may have noticed the backless counter stools in a some of the pictures above. Often stackable and always stylish, these designs maximize space and minimize visual clutter in the work place.

Modern Bar Stools

Set of 2 Rubin Modern Natural Counter Stools, Zuo Twin Peaks Modern Wood Bar Stool, Set of 2 Marius Antique Black Metal Counter Chairs, Sallie Contemporary White Stool

Lastly, you probably noticed that all the decor pictured has a weathered look. I did that deliberately to illustrate that a comfortable, zen-like office isn't about how much you spend. The well-designed office is all about how well you plan your space. 

Images: French by Design, Femke Pastijn, Tyyli & Koti