Design Tips

Image from Elle Decor

Whether it be adorning your stairwell or accenting your office, there’s nothing that adds quite an impact to a space like a well thought out gallery wall. It's also a great use of vertical space, which often gets ignored in home design.

When creating a gallery wall there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind...

Art Wall

Image from Atlanta Homes Magazine

First, your gallery should look more like a collection of items that you amassed over the years. To accomplish this add pictures and artwork of varying shape and size. And when framing you want the frames to be cohesive but not all the same color and material.

White Shelving

Image from Interior Decline

Also, add decorative items that give the wall depth and dimension. For example, a mirror, ceramic animal head, woven basket, or a gorgeous wall sconce.

For achieving a more masculine or industrial look, I love the Edison sconce and the Vetena sconce for a more classic feel.

Eclectic Wall Gallery

Image from Ark Pad

Lastly, when creating the actual layout use blue painters tape to map it out on your wall. The tape can be removed without damaging your wall and you’ll be able to execute your well thought out plan.

Images: Elle Decor, Atlanta Homes Magazine, Interior Decline, Ark Pad / Architectural Digest