Modern Light Fixtures

I am a huge sucker for lighting design and the way it can contribute to a stylish space. My husband thinks I have a problem, but I can’t get enough. My favorite style as of late has to be the modern light fixtures.

Modern pendant chandeliers are sleek and stylish, with the ability to really bring the whole room together. I love that with a great modern light fixture, you can create a huge impact ... Take this room from Emily Henderson, for example. The whole space is amazing, sure. But what is the first thing your eye goes to? The light! It’s gorgeous, large, super cool and modern. The whole room was expertly decorated.

You could totally create your own cool space with an awesome light fixture like this one!

Modern Pendant Chandelier

You'll want to pick a light fixture that shows off your individual personality, and for a light to scream me, it has to be modern and sculptural. You don’t want a boring light fixture in your home, do you?

This White Flower Possini Euro Pendant is a very popular style that I am not even close to being tired of. The white makes it clean and modern and the interesting shape is so cool you just can’t go wrong with it.

If you really want a fun modern light fixture, this Possini Chrome Ceiling Light is pretty great. The clear bulbs allow for a lot of light and the non-symmetrical shape is so awesome and totally modern.

This Jonathan Adler Meurice Brass Chandelier just short of stopped my heart when I saw it. I love it! I would put this one in a part of my house where everyone who visits could see it and covet it. The brass finish is gorgeous and warm, but the shape is super modern and so cool.

All three would look amazing in most spaces. Which is your favorite?

Image: Emily Henderson