Earth Day

Get ready for Earth Day next week on April 22nd!.... Earth Day began in 1970 as a way of educating people on environmental issues. Today, it's celebrated globally with great events, lasting for a few days in some places.

We like to celebrate with great design.... Taking the time to participate in Earth Day is important, but we feel that living with sustainable design every day is even better!

Modern Living Room

Selecting LED lighting is both easy and stylish, a perfect way to add sustainable design to your home while maintaining  your modern design aesthetic.

LED lighting uses less energy, for longer. You can't beat that. And since LED lighting has become more popular, there's now a huge selection of beautiful designs to choose from now.

Modern LED Lighting

1. Erico Chrome with Metal LED Arc Possini Euro Floor Lamp 2. George Kovacs Nickel with Steel Shade Swing Arm Wall Lamp 3. Koncept Gen 2 Z-Bar Black Energy Efficient LED Desk Lamp

Images: History, Cerno