Room Design

Image from Brit.Co

There’s an obvious trend with my pins on my kitchen board on Pinterest. They’re all white! I am passionate about a beautiful white kitchen. It feels clean and fresh—exactly how you would like to feel in a space that has the potential to feel germy and (in my case) disastrous.

Here are some ways to create a beautiful white kitchen that’s homey and modern.

Small Spaces

Image from Design Collectors

1. Find the perfect white chairs.

I love chairs. They might be my favorite piece of furniture. Finding the right chair for your space is crucial. If you have a small dining area, go for chairs that are easily stackable. If you have a bit more space, go for ones that can afford to be more substantial.

Modern Kitchen

Image from VT Wonen

2. Add something organic.

When you’ve selected the perfect white chair, add on a few contrasting elements like beautiful greenery to the table.

Modern Interior Design

Image from Cupersia

3. Try subway tile.

If you're going for an all-over white, subway tiles are a great idea. They create a cohesive feel to the space and provide a classic aesthetic.

4. Add modern lighting.

You'll want to select lighting that doesn’t hide and makes a statement.This black pendant lamp hanging over a table is a great contrast to the white furniture.

White Dining Chairs

Here are some beautiful white chairs that I would love to add to my dream kitchen.

1.    Wendover modern white dining chairs would work well in any modern setting.

2.    These white modern S-chairs are my dream! I’d love them in my home.

3.    These bunny white and chrome dining chairs are easily stackable. Perfect for a smaller space!

4.    These nob hill white chairs have a touch of the traditional with their classic shape, yet are updated with cleaner lines and color.

Images: Brit.Co, Fav Home Ideas, Design Collectors, VT Wonen, Cupersia