Stylish Bathroom Lighting

I am a firm believer that bathrooms deserve beautiful lighting just as much as any other room. Bathrooms should not be a space that collects the leftover or second best. We spend a good amount of prepping time in the bathroom so we might as well create an aesthetically pleasing space.

The bathroom above is picture perfect! The best accessory is the pendant light. Modern bathroom lights create a fresh look and compliments both modern and traditional design.

Pendant Light

Full glass lighting is a great option for any bathroom. Mostly because it compliments any style. It also looks very clean and crisp. And the best part is that it can be mixed with just about any material, color and pattern.

Modern Bathroom

When picking out a bathroom light, don’t worry about it matching the other materials perfectly. Mixing and matching is not only trendy but it allows you to think outside of the box and create a fun space.

Stylish Bathroom Design

Remember, don’t overlook your bathroom. You will be surprised at how beautiful you'll feel getting ready in a beautiful space. Create that hotel like experience for everyday living!!

Images: Chic DecoDesire To Inspire, The Style Files, The Design Files