Modern Decorating

When someone mentions decorating with purple, our minds can sometimes wander to a bright grape hue. Though grape isn’t necessarily bad, it isn’t the only purple option available. Lilac, plum, orchid and mauve are just a few of the purpley options we have.

When decorating with purple, you don’t need to paint an entire wall royal purple. It can be subtle expressions. I recently saw an all white room with a purple pendant light in the middle of the room. It was stunning!

If you like purple but are scared to death to introduce it in your home, try adding a soft toned purple pillow and see what you think. If you quickly get tired of it, then you can easily move on.

Modern Workspace

Lilac is my personal favorite purple option. This modern office looks so stylish with the clean, light toned chair. it compliments the other elements of the room perfectly.

Modern Bedroom

If you are naturally bold when it comes to interior design, try pairing purple and pink with neutral colors such as grey, black and white. Too much of a good thing can be just too much. But when paired right, it becomes beautiful.

Modern Home Design

Who says you can’t own a deep plum sofa?! This bright contemporary space looks complete with the modern plum sofa. It doesn’t look overpowering in the least. It also mixes well against the white walls and wood floors.

Purple doesn’t have to be scary or loud. Have fun and do what you need to do to create your picture perfect space!

Images: Mechant Studio, Weekday Carnival, At Home In Love, Sfgirlbybay