Spring Style

Image from Secrets of Secrets

We hope you all haven't forgotten the Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. Now is the perfect time to implement this hue into your home decor style for Spring!

Shades of purple, pinks, violet and the list goes on... Perfect colors for home decor, indoors and out.

Here's a couple ideas of both interior and exterior products from Euro Style Lighting that would be perfect for decorating this Spring...

Radiant Orchid

1. Dress up your wall year-round with a pretty purple flower using this Floral Haze Wall Art Print.

2. Accent your furniture indoors or out with a pretty purple pillow like this Purple Ikat Throw Pillow. Just make sure there's overhead coverage for any upholstered products that aren't specifically made for the outdoors.

3. Outdoor chairs you won't have to worry about in all weather, like these Purple Zuo Outdoor Bay Chairs, are perfect for adding color to your exterior decor.

4. Perfectly purple and a great addition to the Bay Chairs, this Zuo Outdoor Folding Table is bold and stylish.

5. Bring a little of the outdoors in, especially if you have a black thumb, this Faux Silk Plant in Pot is ideal.

Image: Secrets of Secrets