Modern Pastel Decor

Image from Coco Lapine Design

It all started with images of modern pastel decor - a kitchen to be exact - on Coco Lapine Design. Something about the muted nature of the colors and the way they soften the hard lines of contemporary design just drew us in. 

modern pink sofa

Image from 70 Ideas

In truth, I have personally had a long and torrid relationship with pastels. Too kitschy, too retro, too childish. And yet in researching, I discovered that today's pastels are much more serious.


Image from Trendenser

They're at once comfortable and classy, mixing sophisticated lines will calming colors. They're also striking without being over the top. 

So what are the tricks to a good pastel interior? Keep things neutral. There are tons of options in modern white kitchen chairs. Geometric patterns blend surprisingly well with pastel colors.

modern white chairs

Zetta Stackable Modern 19-Inch Wide White Dining Chairs, Glacier Glass White Resin 13-Inch High Small Vase

Then find a few simple pieces to break the monotone. Table lamps are ideal for the job because they come in almost every color under the sun.

pastel table lamps

Pink Pansy 28-Inch High Ovo Table Lamp, Robert Abbey Delta Baby Blue 22 1/2-Inch High Table Lamp

Lastly, it's good to remember that you can always give your home a pastel makeover on the cheap. A coat of white, pink or blue paint can transform tired old furnishings into anchor pieces for your cheery new space. 

Images: Coco Lapine Design, 79 Ideas, Trendenser