Crystal Chandeliers

For a lot of us, a crystal chandelier is on our bucket list to one day own. They’re the epitome of elegance and sophistication in every  home style, so they're very much deserving to be on the list.

But what do you do with a crystal chandelier once you’ve found the chandelier of your dreams? Where do you place it so it receives a fair glance? My theory is that a crystal chandelier can go anywhere! It doesn’t have to be in a formal setting. Here are some of my favorite ways to use a crystal chandelier.

Crystal chandelier in an entry

A crystal chandelier in an entry way is a wonderful greeting for your guests. Pay attention to the scale of the piece. With lower ceilings you wouldn’t want to overwhelm the other objects in the room with a large chandelier. 

Kitchen Chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers in a kitchen

Large crystal chandeliers or a cluster of mini chandeliers in a kitchen works beautifully. I love the elegance that these chandeliers adds to the kitchen. Although the kitchen is already beautiful, the crystal takes it to the next level.


1. This Gold with Crystal Three-Light Chandelier feels royal with it’s crown design elements.

2. This Schonbek Century Silver Chandelier would be perfect for a more feminine room or contrasted in a more modern setting.

3. I love this Hinkley Gemma Mini Chandelier, a more modern approach to a crystal chandelier.

4. This Crystal Rain Chandelier has beautiful fountain-like lines that would be beautiful in a very formal setting.

5. This Crystorama Calypso Chandelier would be great paired with a few other mini chandeliers.

Images: NicetyMy Luscious Life,