LED Style

Image from Nordic Days

Good for the environment and good for your design style, LED is the way to go in task lighting!

Unlike the early years of efficient lighting, there are so many cool LED styles out there to select from.

Office Style

Image from Nordic Design

Whether you're styling your private home office or a professional office away from home, LED lighting is the right option for both style and function. It's more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting...and stylish!

Check out these distinctive style ideas from Euro Style Lighting...

LED Lighting

1. For a classic desk lamp style, the Cielux Pro Silver LED Adjustable Desk Lamp is the way to go. The long arms are very geometric and perfect for a modern office.

2. Add a little whimsy while saving energy and providing style for your office with this Out of the Box LED Desk Lamp.

3. Mixed materials and handsome form come in a nice little package called Cerno Silva Birch LED Desk Lamp.

4. The Cape Chrome LED Desk Lamp is very minimal and perfect for adding a Mid Century Modern aesthetic to your office style.

Images: Nordic Days, Nordic Design