Summer Color

Image from The Style Files

I have friends and clients ask me all the time what are some easy and affordable tips on how to bring Summer color into home style without it being too cheesy and obvious. It definitely depends on what colors you are already working with in your home. But because the white and grey paint trend is here to stay, mixing colors in is easy as 1,2,3.

In the office above, everything surrounding is in neutral tones, including whites, woods and metals. The vibrant, ethnic blanket gives the space a splash of color, comfort and style. It doesn’t look over styled but rather relaxed..

Bathroom Decor

Image from Birmingham Home & Garden

It’s easy to add color to a bathroom through towels and accessories. This grey and white bathroom has been styled with peach accents. Peach is a huge color trend this year and looks fresh in any home style. Leaning artwork is a great way to add color to a room. 

Interior Plants

Image from Home Maker

An obvious summer color choice is green. And what better way to introduce green than with plants. The table, chairs and seating options are all in beautiful wood tones which works brilliantly with botanicals. This whole space has me loving summer already!

Wall Art

Image from Kirsten Grove

As mentioned above, art is great  and easy way to add color to your home. I chose this Max Wanger print to bring summer into my living space. It instantly creates a fun vibe.

Summer is here to force us to relax, have fun and enjoy life. Let’s do the same in our homes!

Images: The Style Files, Birmingham Home & Garden, Homme Maker Simply Grove