modern wall lighting

Image from Dominic Harris via Artsy

The future of lighting design is on show June 17-22, 2014, at the Design Miami fair in Basel. Walking through the exhibition, one can't help but notice how LED technology has revolutionized the industry with modern LED wall lights and so much more.

Pictured above and below, you'll notice that wall lighting has evolved beyond its sconce-like torch holding roots to embody a more expansive concept of the wall-as-diffused-light-source.

LED Wall Lights

Image from Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance via Artsy

Opposite such tech leanings, we've noticed that ceiling fixtures and LED desk lamps seem to be increasingly influenced by organic shapes, in a clear nod to the current movement toward the home as a naturally healthy environment. 

Organic Lighting Design

Image from Jeremy Wintrebert via Artsy

Coral Shaped Lighting

Image from Ayala Serfaty via Artsy

Design Miami/Basel occurs twice a year (once in Miami, once in Basel) and exhibits the absolute cutting edge in home furnishings and lighting. Due to its avant-garde nature, much of what you'll find at the event has not reached modern lighting retailers, yet designs with technological and natural influences are already available to consumers:

modern cloud pendant light

Possini Euro White Cloud Triple Light Swag Chandelier

modern led sconce

Ledino Sail Chrome LED Sconce

With all the new looks that we're seeing at Design Miami/Basel, consumers can expect more exciting developments in home lighting in the years to come. 

Images: Artsy