Kitchen Shelves

Have you ever seen a kitchen shelf styled impeccably while browsing a magazine or website? Well, it’s possible for you to create an equally awesome kitchen! It just takes some editing.

Most everyone has a few white dishes laying around. Start by displaying this in groupings or individually. After you’ve added those, start layering with other materials, such as wood or metal. Also, you can add other colors to provide character and a pop of fun.

White Kitchen

We see white, metal and wood all seamlessly flowing together in the image above. I also love how they added color with a flower and bottles.

Brass wall lights would add some interesting lighting in this space.

Open Shelving

These shelves are flowing with natural elements. The combination of dishes create a laid back, modern approach to a once boring set of shelves. The splash of green is a great, unexpected detail.

Kitchen Design Ideas

For a simplistic look, try using only white, black and glass. And use each piece sparingly for a minimalist look. It also creates a clean backdrop for those who hate clutter and messes. It’s a beautiful thing!

Images: Nicole FranzenJutePure Green MagDust Jacket