Entryway Style

“Curb appeal” is one of a home’s most important factors, and also one of the most overwhelming to home owners. But dressing up your front entry design style is actually easier than you may think.

Here are my four favorite ways to amp up your home's entryway appeal.

No. 1 – Succulents

Succulents are the perfect plant for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves to have a green thumb. Succulents require very little to no maintenance, can live in almost any climate, and are quite inexpensive.

Front Entry Design

No. 2 – Climbing Ivy

One of the most classic ways to add a large amount of foliage to your home is with climbing ivy or roses.  Think about planting ivy around the doorway, front windows, your garage, or a gated entrance.

No. 3 - Lighting

One of the most important elements of your entryway style is the lighting. Outdoor wall lights, hanging lanterns, and path lights are essential to decor and function.

Modern Entryway

No. 4 – Pavers  

Pavers as a driveway or path can add a great pop of green plus you’re able to lay them in various patterns or configurations such as diamonds, uncut stone, or squares.

Images: Laure JolietMolly Frey Design, Beautiful Garden Decor