Dwell On Design

As you may already know, our team attended the 2014 Dwell on Design event last weekend. You can find two other recap blog posts here, Dwell on Design: Ideas for Better Living and here Modern Family at Dwell on Design.

There were several wonderful panels to attend, impossible to catch them all. One of the more notable panels, in our opinion, was the one discussing micro living. 

The Panoramic

Living spaces are shrinking in size, but they're becoming smarter. The Dwell panel of architects and designers are hugely responsible.

The needs of society as a whole have changed, which raises four major factors to discuss.

1. Delayed Household Formation: Men and women are starting a family much later, therefore needing less space.

2. Home Purchase is Harder and/or Less Desirable: Even those ready to start a family and invest in a home might not be doing so due to the housing market and/or their economic status. Also, currently a large portion of our population (between the ages of 18 and 36) prefer to live in the city, versus the suburbs.

Compact Interior Design

Interior Design of The Panoramic.

Each image on the right is a different version than the same angle on the left image, showing either with a bed down or not, illustrating how to fit a lot into a small space.

3. Cars Not Required: Because of this greater desire for urban living, many don't need a car and/or don't want the extra expense of a car.

4. Less is Enough: With technology creating a much more compact lifestyle for us (i.e. iPhones instead of CD's), people have less stuff and need less space to hold that stuff.

How do you live? Do you own a home or do you prefer smaller, smarter spaces in the city? We'd love to hear from you, just comment below.

Images: Cori Magee, Smart Space