Bathroom Design

Ok, not the most popular room in the house to talk about when reviewing design, but let's face it, your bathroom design is important. That's where you start and end your day, so do it right, surrounded by good design like this space above.

It's perfect! Not too formal, but well put together, we're loving the design of this bathroom.

The detail you may not notice right away are the modern bath sconces, but they add a seamless design detail that is both attractive and functional.

Here's some of our favorite options for modern bathroom lighting:

Modern Lighting

1. Possini Euro Angular Bronze Bath Light Fixture

2. Midtown Satin Nickel Bath Light Fixture

3. Tuning Fork Brushed Nickel Possini Euro Wall Sconce

4. Chelsea Textured Black Edison Sconce

5. Downtown Edison Nickel Bath Light

Image: Style Files