Modern Lighting

Image from Domaine Home

This European loft is striking for many reasons, but as you can imagine, the lighting grabbed our attention the most! Specifically, the contrast in modern lighting styles.

It's not often you see a home with a crystal chandelier and a super modern task lamp, but we wish this happened more often actually. Although the mixed lighting styles aren't in the same room, this is where the architecture of a  home becomes important.

A loft-style home creates an opportunity to coordinate different styles across different rooms because you can see them all at the same time. Very cool.

Bedroom Design

Image from Domaine Home

But don't worry, you don't need a loft home to effectively implement this lighting style in your home, and if you're not sure where to start here's some ideas below.

Go ahead and mix any of these pairs in a bedroom, office or living room. Then, be prepared for the compliments on your cool home design.

Modern Lighting Ideas

Top: Eurofase Giselle Crystal Chandelier  -  Gen 2 Z Bar Red Koncept Desk Lamp

Middle: Cyan Bella Green Glass Chandelier  -  Gen 3 Z-Bar Green Koncept Desk Lamp

Bottom: Claremont White Nickel Chandelier  -  Gen 3 Z-Bar White Koncept Desk Lamp

Images: Domaine Home