All American Home

Image from Lantz Full Circle

When it came time to build her dream home in 2009, Houston architect Karen Lantz wanted to source only American-made items for it. And with patriotism riding high these days between World Cup and the upcoming Independence Day holiday, we couldn't help but use this space to mention her project.

Modern American Made

Image from Lantz Full Circle

In designing her almost all American home (the home isn't comprised entirely of American sourced products), Lantz unwittingly became an expert on the atrophied state of American manufacturing at the beginning of the recession. 

As she searched however, Lantz found that plenty of top-notch building materials and products are produced right here in the United States of America. 

Local Building Materials

Image from Lantz Full Circle

Localism isn't just about reigniting manufacturing in the United States. By sourcing materials from within a 500-mile radius contributes, Lantz has a better shot at LEED certification which she is seeking for the home.   

Modern Bedroom

Image from Lantz Full Circle

Localism is something that hits close to home for us too. For customers looking for a new modern ceramic lamp, we're proud to offer American brands like Haegar Potteries and Robert Abbey. These brand (and many others on our site and elsewhere) have a tradition of fine craftsmanship, meaning that you're not just buying a new lamp: you're buying an American heirloom for your home.

Images: Lantz Full Circle