Succulent Art

If you're in Southern California then you know we're currently in a drought. This means we have to conserve water wherever and whenever we can, including gardening with drought tolerant plants. What this doesn't mean, is that we're not able to have beautiful plant-life to decorate our outdoor areas.

We have an awesome DIY idea for you, from Better Homes & Gardens! You've probably seen lots of pretty succulent wall art around... Well, today we're sharing the perfect step-by-step tutorial so you can have your own.


Before you head over to the tutorial, here's what you'll need:

Picture frame with back and glass panel removed
Shadow box made of redwood or cedar 1x3s, cut to fit the back of the frame
1/2-inch hardware cloth, cut to fit the inside dimensions of the frame
Staple gun
1/4-inch plywood backing, cut to fit the back of the shadow box
Clean cloth
All-purpose potting soil
Succulent cuttings


Images: Better Homes & Gardens