White Lighting

Image from The Paper Mulberry

We hear a lot about all-white decor lately, but what does this mean exactly? What's involved? Well, a great place to start is with the larger pieces of furniture and the lighting. 

Gorgeous white lighting is like adding a dollop of whip cream on top of beautifully, clean design. 

Loft Home

Image from Compost Rules

Both the top image and this loft-style home above feature modern white lighting, mixed with warm wood finishes and/or bold black finishes. All of which work together to create a seamless and well-curated living space.

Handing pendant lights are the best way to include great lighting without taking too much floor space. You can play a little more with scale this way...

Living Room Style

Image from Bodie & Fou

If you already have great lighting, but want to add a dollop of style, then try replacing your existing lamp shade with a white lamp shade. It's easy and economical. Small changes can amount to big results when it comes to home design.

Bedroom Style

Image from My Scandinavian Home

Don't forget the bedroom, white lights are great for smaller spaces, because they tend to blend in, especially with white walls.

This bedroom above features a bit more contrast than the one below, but they both evoke clean, modern design with great lighting!

White Bedroom

Image from Blog Baesil

Images: The Paper Mulberry, Compost Rules, Bodie & Fou, My Scandinavian Home, Blog Baesil