modern pool house

Image from Wiel Arets Architects

I'm not ashamed to admit I'm jealous. And the Jellyfish House in Marbella, Spain, is the reason why. It's not exactly a pool house as my title states, but you'll see what I mean.

swimming pool ceiling

Image from Wiel Arets Architects

Designed by WAA, this beautiful space is sleek as any home design can be, and with retractable floor-to-ceiling windows, it blurs the lines between interior and exterior. 

indoor outdoor patio

Image from Wiel Arets Architects

To incorporate water into a space, most of us would think of using tiered outdoor fountains. But the Jellyfish House takes it to another level. Its infinity pool is integral to the architecture. No longer will you need to ask if someone is out at the pool...just look up at the walls or ceiling. 

pool walls

Image from Wiel Arets Architects

What I like most is the reserved elegance of the indoor/outdoor dining room. A crystal chandelier instantly gives mid-century modern chairs a quick infusion of glamour:

Crystal Chandelier

Contour Crystal and Chrome Possini Pendant Light

White Dining Chairs

Set of 2 Azzo Matte with White Plastic Side Chairs

I can't help but wonder about one other thing... Does a pool provide good insulation for ceilings and walls? Somehow, I think it just might.

Images: WAA