Global Style

Image from Elena Zarubina

Are you a world traveler? Maybe you wish you could be one day? Well, until then you can incorporate global design in your own home.

If are someone who travels a lot, take lots of photos and refer to them when decorating your home. If you don't travel as much as you'd like, there's plenty of inspiration images on-line like this one we found above.

It's almost as if Justina Blakeney used our inspiration photo to design this bedroom below. This room is so welcoming and warm. We love the unique lighting choices and incredible mix of patterns and materials!

Global Decor

Image from Justina Blakeney

Inspiration images from around the world will help you decide on color palettes and textile patterns your home decor and furnishings.

Here's a few fun products from Euro Style Lighting to help you get started with your global decor make-over...

Home Decor

1. You can add pattern with more than just pillows and area rugs, try this bronze capiz shell wall art to add personality to your vertical space.

2. Unique lighting means fun and interesting materials, like this nest-style Liata pendant.

3. Make sure to add color, even with your furniture. These weathered yellow metal dining chairs are really fun.

4. Organic style in the kitchen will help you set the mood for different cooking styles, try these wood salad bowls.

5. Your inspiration photos can help you pick out patterns, like the one on this Lauren Black decorative table.

6. This Ikat cyan decorative bolster pillow is a perfectly easy addition to any existing home decor.

7. Mix it up and try some furniture with integrated pattern in the metal form, we love these bronze spiral tables.

8. Pattern, color and texture is all wrapped up in this cool Greek key pouf.

Images: Elena ZarubinaJustina Blakeney