Home Staging

Image from Tara Benet Design

Plan Ahead

Staging your home is not something you can do the morning before an open house. If you really want to raise the appeal of your home to buyers, you'll have to put in some time planning and maybe even spending some money.

Select the rooms that need the most attention and start there. The rest of the home might just need some re-arranging, but at least you know where your budget and your time should be applied.


First and foremost, something that doesn't take any money just time is de-cluttering. Work from the top down.

a. Are your walls filled with too many pictures? Simplify your walls, it will help the place look cleaner and larger.

b. Are your table tops (dressers, desks, tables and counters) filled with mail and/or just too many accessories? Clear all that off and we suggest not stuffing it in drawers. Home buyers might want to peak in the drawers and cabinets to see how much space they'll have.

c. Do you have too many things along the floor? Like, lots of items besides your furniture? Clear anything that isn't essential and store it in the garage. Maybe even some of your furniture should go too. If you have four lounge chairs around your sofa, you should put a couple in storage. This will help the space look larger and more inviting.


You don't want to have too many family photos around, and this isn't just about the clutter issue. You want the potential home buyers to look at the home neutrally.

They should be able to picture themselves living there, not visiting your home surrounded by your family photos and kids' artwork.

Maximize Curb Appeal

Make sure to pay attention to the exterior of your home, but most importantly the front. 

a. First and foremost, clean up your front yard. Trim the grass, bushes and possibly hire someone to lace the trees if they are overly full.

b. Depending on the time of year, there might be lots of leaves all over or maybe even snow, so make sure you keep up the front yard.

c. If you've neglected your front yard, this is the time to invest in some flowers or new bushes. Even if the plants are young, they will still benefit the appeal of your home.

d. Don't neglect your front door. It might need re-painting and make sure you have attractive outdoor lighting.

e. Do you have a porch or front deck of any sort? Furnish it with some stylish outdoor seating to make it look more inviting. 


Lastly, and possibly the most important tip, bake cookies! That fresh cookies smell will get them every time!

Image: Tara Benet Design