Design Tips

Image from Comparte Mi Moda

No matter how hard institutions try to update the look of their residence halls, there's something about dorm rooms and campus apartments that look...well...dormy. Luckily, with a few simple steps you can re-design your dorm room in short order:

Overhaul Your Overhead Lighting

Turn off that ugly fluorescent box that comes standard with the room and try using swag lamps instead. Look for plug-in chandelier and shade styles to get affordable style in a snap. (Safety tip: make sure to get help with electrical any work.)

Swag Chandeliers

Enchants Sheer Silver Crystal Rain Plug-in Swag Chandelier, Abstract Giclee Glow Brushed Steel Swag Unique Chandelier 

Take Your Task Lighting to Task

Is a battered old table lamp included with the room? Perk it up with patterned lamp shades (or just stuff it in storage and start with a new one). Complement it with a throw rug and fun headboard. Who needs boring when bold will do much better?

Bright Bedroom Style

Image from Better Homes & Gardens

Personalized Decor

With your lighting squared away, you can personalize the space a bit. Think textiles to soften, scented candles to kill the scent of ramen wafting through the halls and modern wall mirrors to lighten the look of your room: 

Wall Mirrors

Image from Belle Maison 23

Top to bottom: Eleganza 22 Inch Starburst, Vela 40 Inch Starburst

At your school dorm (or in rented small spaces in general), even just a few small decor improvements can go a long way. 

Images: Comparte Mi Moda, Better Homes & Gardens, Belle Maison 23