Cool Small Home

Image from Apartment Therapy

A few months back, Apartment Therapy handed out awards for Small Cool 2014, their 10th annual awards for small homes. With dorm room season just around the corner, we thought it'd be worth looking at the smallest of these nominees (500 sq. ft. or less) for some tips on student living. 

Vertical Expression

Tall furnishings, drapes and architectural features can appear to "raise" ceilings, effectively enlarging the room such as this look in Tiffany and Allan's entry (also pictured at the top of this post).

Small Room Big Drapes

Image from Apartment Therapy

Pick a Color and Stick to It

Matte, monochromatic walls and matching furnishings have a tendency to recede into the background, opening the room up. It's also worth mentioning that sofas, like the one pictured in Laura's place above double, as a bed in a snap.

Monochromatic Small Space

Image from Apartment Therapy

Modern Sofa BedReggae Lugano Anthrocite Sofa Bed

Layer Your Lighting

In small rooms just as in large, layered lighting is fundamental. Unfortunately when space is minimal, there isn't that freedom to place a table lamp here, floor lamp there. 

Hanging pendant lights however allow you to brighten particular areas in layers, as Amandine has done in the photo above. We also love to use modern wall sconces, which can provide a small dose of task lighting for the kitchen or bedside.

Hanging Pendant Lights

Image from Apartment Therapy

Lastly, whether it's windows mirrored furniture or a simple coffee table, glass is indispensable in small spaces. Transparent glass allows for longer sight-lines across spaces, while mirrored furnishings, by their reflective quality, can actually double the appearance of sight-lines across a space. When possible, use glass well and use it often! 

Images: Apartment Therapy