Dog Style

Image from JP Warren Interiors

Happy Friday everyone! We know how much you love modern design, and we can only imagine that you love dogs as much as we do. So, we decided to share a combination of both today!

We're a little blown away by this cool living room, with its unique lighting and rad furniture. But check out that pup! You can just tell, the sofa is his and the owners better find other seating.

Modern Living Room

Image from Gaile Guevara

This pretty pup goes perfectly with the neutral, modern home in Canada. And he knows better than to get on those white sofas! We just love the mix of woods, whites and neutrals here.

Modern Living Room

Image from Christian May

Who's going to Palm Springs this weekend?! That's where this cool pad is located. This pup is allowed on the furniture, but at least he's a tiny guy.

Modern Wall Art

Image from Design Manifest

If you want a dog, but maybe you can't have one because you rent, then don't worry. There's plenty of ways to incorporate cute animals into your decor, like with wall art and printed accent pillows.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Ruff, ruff!

Images: JP Warren Interiors, Gaile Guevara, Christian May, Design Manifest