Bedroom Design

Image from The Boo and The Boy

One reason kids rooms are so fun to design is because a little can go a long way. Whether it's unique pendant lighting or decorative garland, a kids room should be infused with personality.

One really fun idea is to display their favorite books. Not only will they help you find them each night, but their cover designs act as little pieces of art.

Modern Design

Image from Smam

Be sure to include a small area that includes seating for kids so they can work on art, homework and crafts. This room above has adorable tiny chairs surrounding an industrial stool for a table, which is a great example of stylish design on a small budget.

Kids Beds

Images from Varpunen, Time of the Aquarius, Kuzumodasi

Kids love the idea of getting creative with their beds. And if you're having difficulty getting them to want to go to bed each night, this could be the answer! 

If you're a modern parent and have any design tips to add, please add a comment... We'd love to hear from you.

Images: The Boo and The Boy, SmamVarpunen, Time of the AquariusKuzumodasi