Photo Wall

Image from Plastolux

A photo wall makes a great conversation piece for holiday guests.

About six months ago, we talked about how to create a gallery wall at home. You know, that meticulously curated cluster of objects, art, photos and mementos that speaks to who you are (stylishly of course).

Well, with the holidays (and visiting friends and family) around the corner, we're refining the concept to talk about how to create a photo wall. Luckily, devoting a wall entirely to photographs is even easier than devoting it to an entire gallery of objects:

Step 1:

Find an empty wall, preferably in the entry or entertaining areas of the house.

Photo Wall With Lighting

Image from California Home & Design

A mix of new and old family pictures adds layers of interest.

Step 2:

Print 10-20 of the best photos you have clogging up your phone or sim card. By minimizing the selection of photos to only photos from the past year, you give returning guests something new to return to year in and year out.

Mixed Picture Frames

Image from It's Two AM

An eclectic mix of colors and frames creates a layered look on the photo wall.

Step 3:

Choose a variety of different modern picture frames. Remember to not get too matchy matchy. A combination of new modern picture frames and vintage or thrift store finds does the trick.

Stairwell Photo Wall

Image from Blog Lovin

Photos can add interest to spaces that otherwise go unnoticed.  

Step 4:

Frame your photos and then hang them in a cluster. To save time (and headaches), work out your arrangement on the floor before taking nails to the wall. Or install shelves so you can rearrange at will.

Photo Shelves

Image from Decoration Arch

Shelves allow you to arrange and re-arrange photos without having fuss with mounting hardware.

Step 5:

Light the wall so your friends and family can oggle your year's worth of artfully framed memories. Without a doubt, we recommend LED picture lights. They're energy-efficient and because they produce much less heat than traditional bulbs, they're gentler on any old photo paper in your display.

Family and friends often only arrive on special occasions. What could possibly make them feel more welcome this season than a photo wall that includes pictures of theirs truly?