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  • Cheers To You 2014!

    Last Day of 2014

    Image from Pretty Stuff

    Be sure to dance the night away on new years even tonight!

    Tonight is the night to celebrate the closing of one year and the start of another... This requires a party of course. But first, enjoy your last day of 2014 properly.

    We suggest starting the day lazy in bed, hopefully with a pretty view like this one. We must point out that a lazy morning in bed is always better under a beautiful crystal chandelier.

    Stay here as long as you can, and then move on to the next step...

    Modern Bedroom With Crystal Chandelier

    Image from Nordic Design

    Start your day under a crystal chandelier, lounging in bed with a beautiful view.

    Next, hop on over to your kitchen, breakfast nook or whichever room you start your day in... Perch yourself there, hopefully with another great view, and sip coffee while you calmly plan the rest of your day and think back to fond memories of 2014.

    Tranquil Modern Breakfast Nook

    Image from Stil Inspiration

    Tranquil mornings with a book and coffee is the perfect way to start the last day of 2014.

    Then, after you've enjoyed your day, get all dolled up and dance the night away!...

    Happy New Years Eve everyone!!!

  • Amazing Architecture In The Snow

    Amazing Architecture

    Image from Take Over Time

    There's nothing more beautiful than modern architecture in the snow.

    It's pretty cold out there and the only thing that's keeping me warm is incredible architecture.

    For all you modern design lovers, here's some architecture eye candy for you...

    Modern Architecture

    Image from Dezeen

    This modern architecture features a slightly askew A-frame design.

    Although it might be hard to keep the home warm with so much glass, I'm all for it. This home will need lots of modern outdoor lighting so as not to get lost in all the pretty snow.

    Cantilever Architecture

    Image from Divisare

    Cantilever style architecture.

    This cantilever design provides beautiful protection from the snow.

    Mixed Materials

    Image from Present & Correct

    Glass and stone pair perfectly to create this modern cabin.

    This glass box addition is perfect so you can enjoy watching all the snow fall.

    Modern Cabin

    Image from Cool Hunting

    A cozy cabin in the woods doesn't always have to be traditional.

    This architecture is the perfect design combo of modern and traditional.

  • Stylish Storage Ideas for 2015

    Stylish Storage Ideas For Your Modern Home

    Image from Weekday Carnival

    Start 2015 right with stylish storage for your home.

    Now that you're cleaning up from Christmas entertaining, you're probably getting ready for the new year and that means organizing! We have some stylish storage ideas that don't include Tupperware. 

    While this vignette above is pretty, it's also great for hiding things away, like all that Christmas decor. When you're shopping for modern cabinets, make sure there are some drawers and doors for storage.

    Baskets And Crates Look Great Paired With Open Shelving

    Image from Quince With Sugar

    Simple baskets or crates add functionality to open shelving.

    While open shelving is beautiful, sometimes you need to hide things away. If you're not in the market for cabinets and want to find a way to make your shelving more functional, just add baskets or crates!

    Notice in this space above and the closet below, modern pendant lighting or stylish ceiling lights make every space better (and more functional)!

    Modern Closet Idea

    Image from Love Chic Living

    Stylish storage idea for a modern closet.

    Add storage and style to your closet by removing the doors and adding both an extra shelf and cabinets.

    Both the bedroom and the closet will seem larger without those cumbersome doors.

    Modern Bedroom With Platform Bed

    Image from Singapore Home & Decor

    Platform beds create storage space below.

    If you're ambitious about your new storage for 2015, try building up your bed and create storage below it. Not only can you hide all of your holiday decor under there, but it also creates a streamlined look to the entire room.

  • Clash of the Holiday Lights Titans

    Most Holiday Lights

    Images from City Lab

    The Gay family home is decorated with a record-setting 601,736 holiday lights.

    This just in: the record for the most home holiday lights has been broken. And broken again. And broken yet again.

    According to the Guinness Book, it has been set four times since 2001...twice by a family in New York (current record-holder pictured above) and twice by a family in Canberra, Australia (pictured below). 


    The Richards' home held the title last year with 502,165 holiday lights.

    For both the Richards and the Gay family, that's got to add up to a large electrical bill during the holidays. We can only hope they're able to save by throwing energy-efficient LED tape lights into the mix. 

  • Have a Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas From Euro Style Lighting

    Image from Boxwood Clippings

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    We hope you're gathered around the tree with loved ones, opening beautifully wrapped gifts (which we can only hope is awesome modern lighting)!

    -Euro Style Lighting team

December, 2014