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  • New American Home at Design Construction Week

    New American Home

    Images from New American Home

    The New American Home was a showcase of the latest and greatest in design.

    We just got back from the annual Design Construction Week in Las Vegas, a collection of trade shows and related design events throughout the city.

    One of our favorite experiences was the New American Home, a show house pimping all the latest lighting, decor and appliances from top international brands. The home's design centered around a series of large communal spaces, such as this great room on the ground floor. We love the look of grey sofas in modern rooms like this.

    Modern Great Room

    A ground floor great room incorporated living, dining and cooking spaces beautifully.

    The great room bled into a stunning professional kitchen. This concept of "show kitchen" is definitely trending these days, as people increasingly bring the foodie movement home.

    Show Kitchen

    Professional grade appliances make cooking and entertaining all the more enjoyable.

    A row of mini pendants over the table is a given nowadays, and these ones did the job beautifully. 

    Modern Dining Room Lighting

    Pendant lights provide an attractive alternative to chandeliers and island lights.

    A second entertaining area upstairs may sound a bit luxurious to most, but with breathtaking views in all directions, who can argue? The starburst chandelier added a nice touch.

    Modern Gane Room Bar

    The open entertaining theme continues upstairs with a bar/game room.

    Overall, we loved the space and couldn't get enough of the desert views it afforded. And while we may not have been able to bring it all home in a carry-on, we could at least hold onto a little piece of the magic:


    Possini Euro Engels Amber Glass 10 1/2-Inch-Wide Pendant Light, Modern Crystal Fizz 23 1/2-Inch-Wide Possini Euro Pendant

    With a space as beautiful as the 2015 New American Home, we can't wait until next year!

  • Shades of Grey For a Modern Bedroom

    Modern Bedroom In Shades Of Grey

    Image from Desire to Inspire

    Different shades of grey create a calm and rejuvenating bedroom design.

    Yesterday we talked about shades of grey for the home. Today, let's talk about the bedroom which is the most important room of the house when it comes to maintaining a calm atmosphere.

    The most effective way to create a vibe is through color...

    Bedroom Furniture And Lighting From Euro Style Lighting

    We suggested collecting different shades of grey in the bedroom for optimum relaxation. Grey pendant lightinggrey textiles, but especially grey floors and walls like the bedroom above is perfect.

    1. A simple grey pendant light is perfect in any room.

    2. Grey bookshelves will allow the colors of the book bindings to pop.

    3. This two-tone grey table lamp is stylishly geometric.

    4. All types of bedding will look great on this tufted grey bed.

    5. You've got all the shades of grey you need in this one chevron accent pillow.

    Office Seating And Lighting From Euro Style Lighting

    In many homes, there's a small office in the bedroom, so we thought we would add a few suggestions for the productive corner of your bedroom...

    1. This high-back office chair is sleek and stylish.

    2. Stay on schedule with this grey wall clock.

    3. A brushed steel task lamp is a cool way to add more grey.

  • Shades of Grey For a Modern Home

    Shades of Grey Interior Design

    Image from The Design Chaser

    Living room design with shades of grey.

    Ok, ok so interior design is not quite as sexy as the movie Fifty Shades of Grey will be. But we still want to daydream about pretty spaces that use different shades of grey perfectly.

    Grey floor lamps, grey seating and of course grey textiles together create the most beautiful shades of grey for the home. Even the little bit of color in this living room above has a grey tone. The pink, the blue.... they're all a little subdued to blend in with the grey aesthetic.

    Grey Seating and Lighting From Euro Style Lighting

    Remember to include different wood finishes to break up the grey. It's a great way to add contrast without introducing color. 

    Here's some product ideas to get you started...

    1. White washed wood mirror

    2. Grey striped pillow

    3. Wood framed accent chair

    4. Grey pouf

    5. Grey shade floor lamp

    6. Modern grey coffee table

    *See more shades of grey here.

  • Design Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland

    Iceland Design Destination

    Images from Dwell

    The Harpa Concert Hall stands as the center of Reykjavik's design district.

    Icelandic capital Reykjavik hardly sits on the beaten path. But its new design district - an organic wellspring of re-purposed fishing sheds and warehouses in Reykjavik's old harbor - does much to showcase Icelandic design sensibilities and place it on the map as a design destination. 

    Harpa Concert Hall

    Modern glass interior of the concert hall.

    The area is anchored geographically by the modern glass Harpa Concert Hall (pictured above), but it's in the small surrounding business that the real creative design work is evident. 

    Modern Iceland Restaurant

    Bright colors and natural materials combine in this design district restaurant.

    Icelandic design tends toward stark utilitarianism with a craft aesthetic. Hanging pendant lights, such as the ones above, are given a localized flavor with the use of colored fish nets. 

    Modern Craftwork

    Contemporary craft seems to influence much of Icelandic modern decor.

    Bright pops of color are found everywhere in the design district.

    Reykjavik Design District

    Shop? Atelier? Record label? This venue houses all three - part of the communal nature of the design district.

    Duck into any shop or cafe and you're likely to find something to smile about. Sure, the gleaming concert hall may attract all the media attention, but it's the charming back roads that truly give Reykjavik's design district its soul.  

  • Create Your Own Industrial Loft Kitchen

    Industrial Loft Kitchen Style

    All images from Corynne Pless

    Industrial style kitchen with rustic barstools, track lighting and pendants.

    We had to stop and stare at this loft style kitchen design for a little while. It's very well put together, all the details are considered. Best of all, it also looks incredibly functional with lots of counter space, seating and lighting.

    If you're wishing you had a loft style home, don't. You can create any style you want no matter where you live. It's all about the elements you bring in and how you put them together.

    Rustic Barstools In An Industrial Kitchen

    Industrial style barsools are perfect for adding extra seating in a loft style home.

    Just make sure, you also consider function and what your specific space needs. This kitchen, featured  in the top image, provides great lighting with pretty green pendant lights and LED track lighting fixtures

    If you break down the important elements in the design, it's easy to get this look in your own home. Here's how...

    Rustic Barstool, Track Lighting And Pendant From Euro Style Lighting

    1. Add directional illumination to your industrial kitchen with LED track lighting.

    2. Add some urban scenery with this framed wall art.

    3. The perfect wall art addition to create a stylish pair.

    4. The green pendant light will add a little color and contrast to an industrial design.

    5. This metal folding cart is perfect for adding more counter space and shelving.

    6. Add some vintage charm and distressed finish with this industrial barstool.

January, 2015