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  • LED Lighting Style For The Bathroom

    Brighten Your Bathroom With LED Lighting

    Image from Change Your Bathroom, Inc.

    LED lighting will brighten your bathroom style.

    Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend, but now it's time to get ready and start the week...

    Naturally, you'll want to be getting ready in a beautifully designed modern bathroom like all of these ideas shown here. And you can't have a great bathroom design without great lighting, so let's discuss....

    The modern bathroom above is full of lots of clean lines, so naturally the lighting follows suit. LED bathroom lighting will not only accent your design, but will also add the most important element that's going to help you get ready for each day.

    Modern Bathroom With Stylish Lighting

    Image from Black General Contracting

    Modern bathroom style with cool lighting and art.

    If the top image is a little to linear and perfect for your taste, go wild and include some fun art in your bathroom design, either behind or surrounding your modern lighting. Large art pieces or gallery walls are not just for the rest of the house.

    It doesn't have to be as large as the one above, even small framed art will add a lot of personality to the space.

    Kids Bathroom With LED Lighting

    Image from DickClark & Associates

    Even the kids bathroom should have cool LED lighting.

    Don't forget, bathroom lighting is just as important in the kids room!

    While they may not be putting on detailed makeup or shaving, it still needs to be a functional space. Lighting also adds to the safety of your kids bathroom design.

  • Kick Back In Your Favorite Chair, It's The Weekend!

    Lounge In The Perfect Weekend Chair

    Image from Fantastic Frank

    It's time for lounging in your favorite modern chair.

    It's the weekend! There's nothing better than picking your favorite book or design magazines and lounging in your favorite modern chair. Am I right?

    Here are some stylish ways to do just that...

    This reading nook above has the right idea... keep your coffee nearby so there's no reason to get up. They also do a wonderful job including home textiles in their design with the rug and throw, which keeps the corner cozy.

    Modern Leather Chairs Are For The Weekend

    Image from Organized Clutter

    Modern leather chairs were made for the weekend.

    Modern leather chairs are one of the best ways to ensure cozy reading time. They're stylish and easy to sink into. The more you sue them, the better they become!

    Go ahead and buy a pair, like this space above. That way, even when you're not using your reading nook, it looks balanced and stylish. 

    Every Modern Leather Chair Needs A Throw

    Image from Caisak

    Every modern leather chair needs a comfy throw.

    All of these inspiration images have one thing in common, a pretty side table. You want to make sure you're space is not only comfortable, stylish but also functional. You'll need somewhere to place your book when it's nap time.....

    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Furnishing Your Modern Kitchen

    Furniture For The Modern Kitchen

    Image from Pause Architects & Interiors

    Every modern kitchen should have fabulous lighting and seating.

    While the kitchen doesn't involve a whole lot of furniture, besides the built in cabinets and island, there are a couple very important elements to consider... The lighting and the seating. 

    Here's some fun ideas...

    Stainless Steel Barsool

    Stainless Steel Wireframe Barstool / White Adjustable Track Lighting

    Like in this kitchen above, stainless steel barstools are great for not taking too much visual space and adding a little elegance. In this small kitchen, a wireframe barstool is a great way to go while the LED track lighting is streamlined and simple.

    Black Pendant In Modern Rustic Kitchen

    Image from Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

    Modern rustic kitchen with black lighting and wood seating.

    Mini Pendant Lighting

    Walnut Modern Barstool / Black Mini Pendant

    Still worried about space, but love wood?... Try a low profile wood barstool. The walnut wood barstools in this kitchen above pair perfectly with the bold black mini pendant. This kitchen is both modern and rustic, a great balance.

    Modern Kitchen With Crystal Chandelier

    Image from Marla Schrank Interiors

    Beautiful kitchen design with linear crystal chandelier and wood barstools.

    Linear Crystal Chandelier

    Dark Wood Barstool / Linear Crystal Chandelier

    Want to get a little fancy, but still maintain a modern aesthetic?... Mix it up. Choose a rich, dark wood barstool and pair it with a beautiful crystal chandelier. The contrast will create a wow factor.

  • Lighting Tips For Every Room

    Lighting Is Important In Every Room

    Image from Liz Marie Blog

    Lighting is important in every room of the house.

    While lighting design may seem standard, it's not and it's more important than most home owners imagine. It's not only necessary for the function of a home, but can dramatically contribute to the design as well.

    Here's a few lighting tips for each room...

    Kitchen Lighting

    The kitchen is usually the most minimal design in a modern home, it's mostly full of functional elements. So why not dress it up a bit?!

    The kitchen is a fun opportunity to hang a crystal chandelier above an oversized island like this image above. Go ahead, take your kitchen design to the next level with lighting.

    Bedroom Lighting In Pairs

    Image from ArchiBlox

    Bedroom lighting should be balanced.

    Bedroom Lighting

    Bedroom lighting should come in pairs. Even if you're single and only use one side of the bed, it's about balancing the design.

    Your lighting pair of choice can be whatever you want... Try two small hanging pendants, plug in wall lamps or go with the traditional bedside table lamp. The options are endless.

    Fabulous Dining Room Lighting

    Image from Domaine Home

    Dining room lighting should include a wow factor.

    Dining Room Lighting

    Step it up with your dining room lighting. This is where you are most likely to entertain and celebrate holidays so make it fabulous.

    Keep in mind, your lighting options in one room do not have to match. Much like fashion, things must work together, but not match. This dining room above is a perfect example.

    Living Room Lighting Design Statement

    Image from Seventy Nine Ideas

    The living room lighting should make a style statement.

    Living Room Lighting

    Don't be too predictable with your living room lighting. Sure, you can include the modern floor lamp, but try something different like this long-arm wall sconce above.

    This is the largest and most visible room of the house, so allow it to guide the overall design.

    Stylish And Functional Bathroom Lighting

    Image from Smitten Studio

    Bathroom lighting design should put function first.

    Bathroom Lighting

    While design is always important, the bathroom is one room where the lighting has to function really well. For this reason, try some decorative sconces for style and simple recessed lighting for added function.

    No matter what room you're designing, always go big with lighting!

  • Spring Into Your New Home Style

    Home Style That Looks Like Spring

    All images from Est Magazine

    Springtime home decor style from Australia.

    Welcome to Spring, today is officially the first day! I thought it would be appropriate to share a home that utilizes the two things I most assocate with Springtime, color and natural light.

    This home, located in Australia, does a beautiful job of including color, but balancing it with lots of neurtrals and of course tons of natural light. Most importantly, the home looks lived in and carries the same personality throughout each room.

    Grey Sofas Balance Out Colorful Decor

    A grey sofa balances out the use of color.

    The living room features some colorful furniture, like bold yellow seating which is then accented perfectly with a fully stocked bookcase. However, it's strategically balanced out with a modern grey sofa and grey area rug.

    Natural Light And A Bright Chandelier

    Natural light balanced with a gorgeous chandelier.

    The dining room maintains the same cool style as the rest of them home, but refrains from color and sticks with a simple white palette. This is the perfect way to embrace those windows!

    For the record, never allow an abundance of beautiful natural light deter you from considering a gorgeous chandelier for any space. This dining room looks great during the day and night.

    White Interiors Mixed With Natural Light

    White interiors beautifully reflect natural light.

    If you have the windows and the light, celebrate it in at least one room with white furniture, white lighting and home accessories. The Springtime light shining through the large windows reflects perfectly against all this white.

March, 2015