Modern Concrete Architecture Inspiration

Image from Arch Daily

Stylish modern concrete architecture.

Sometimes, the simplest design can make the most impact. This is no doubt true when it comes to concrete architecture. There are so many cool residential designs with clean lines and concrete exteriors.

Let's take a look at a few and see what makes them tick...

The a-frame form of this home above sets the tone for its modern aesthetic, while the concrete finishes the job beautifully. The bright green landscape is a perfect contrast to the cool grey exterior.

Concrete Architecture And Exterior Light Fixtures

Image from Design Milk

Mixed material architecture with exterior light fixtures.

This modern concrete architecture above rests its success on the use of mixed materials. The wood patio flooring and the adjoining stone wall add depth and personality to the design. 

The exterior light fixtures add some pretty details that also keeps the home safe from tripping accidents.

Modern Architecture And Open Landscape

Image from Architonic

Concrete architecture surrounded by open space.

Nothing pairs perfectly with great architecture like beautiful landscape. This simple, barren landscape above relates to the simple, clean concrete architecture. The end result is harmony between manmade design and nature.

Nothing beats that combination....