Earth Day Celebrates Prefab Architecture

Celebrating prefab architecture on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day fellow modern design lovers! It only seems fitting to study prefabricated architecture on this day.

Not only are prefabs usually designed with a modern, clean aesthetic due to the mobility factor, they are smart and energy efficient. Let's take a look at this prefab in Copenhagen...  

Layers In Prefab Architecture

Different layers used in prefab architecture. 

Since the home was constructed somewhere else and made to travel, tons of waste has already been saved in comparison to homes built on-site.

Another way prefabs are energy-efficient is with their tight construction. They are made to travel, which results in excellent insulation.

Modern Prefab Dining Room With Hanging Light Fixtures

Modern dining room in a prefab home with hanging light fixtures.

The best part about prefabs, and also why I chose this home to showcase, is that they don't have to mean living out of a shipping container.... Today's current prefab homes are attractive inside and out.

We here at Euro Style Lighting prefer simple, uncluttered design... Better to see the modern lighting that way.

All images from Small House Bliss