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  • Outdoor Living Space Design - Patio Fountains

    Water features bring a spa-like quality to outdoor living spaces and patio fountains are a great way to bring this serene feeling to your patio or backyard.

    A Calming Outdoor Space Featuring a Patio Fountain and Outdoor Patio Chairs

    In this peaceful flagstone courtyard, two white outdoor patio chairs and a fountain provide a place for quiet contemplation.

    A Black Basalt Fountain Sits in Front of a Red Accent Wall

    Free-standing fountains provide a focal point in your outdoor living space design.  On this patio, the red accent wall draws even more attention to the black basalt fountain.

    A Contemporary Outdoor Living Room

    Patio fountains can also go in unexpected places, as seen in the outdoor living room above.  The fountain is almost treated like a work of art in its own lit niche.

    Fountains can be both sculptural and soothing with the trickling sound of water, guaranteed to soothe even the most frazzled of nerves. 

    Image Sources: 1st image: Statile & Todd 2nd image: HGTV 3rd image: Euro Style Lighting

  • Interior Design Style - Spanish Chic

    Interior Design Style - Spanish Chic

    Chic interior design from Spain.

    The interior design style of this home designed by Isabel Lopez-Quesada can be described as eclectic chic.  This mix of styles come together perfectly to create something very distinctive.

    Modern Living Room with Mixed Lighting Styles

    Modern living room with mixed lighting styles.

    Lopez-Quesada mixes unexpected details that make all the difference, like this door frame above. The palette is mostly neutral with cool pops of green. 

    She also balances a perfect amount of contemporary light fixtures, making the room functional and unique. Notice, a classic style table lamp can be paired with an ultra modern floor lamp and wall light for a perfect contrast.

    Modern Wall Light Fixtures in a Stylish Bathroom

    Modern wall light fixtures in a stylish bathroom.

    The bathroom is jaw-dropping, featuring marble from the floor to the counter top, with mirror in between. Modern wall light fixtures keep the room functional.

    Spanish Style Outdoor Patio

    Spanish style outdoor patio.

    The eclectic chic interior design style doesn't stop with the inside... Once you step outside, you'll have to make the hard decision of how to split your time.

    The modern outdoor furniture is paired with delicate details, making the perfect design statement among all the greenery.

    All images from My Domaine

  • Modern Architecture on the Norwegian Landscape

    Modern Architecture on the Norwegian Landscape

    Modern architecture draped over the Norwegian seaside.

    This Norwegian seaside sauna called The Band, was designed by students at the Oslo School of Design and Architecture.

    It's made up of three bands of wood that drape the rocky terrain perfectly. Beautiful architecture, like this sauna, enhances its environment rather than destroys it. 

    The Interior of a Modern Sauna in a Student-Designed Structure

    Modern seaside sauna design.

    The landscape is appreciated from inside the sauna as well. The curves of the terrain are mimicked by the shape of the large windows, which provide an epic view.

    A Modern Picnic Terrace on the Sea in Norway

    Modern architecture by the sea.

    The only thing missing are a couple of outdoor patio chairs and a patio accent table so you can continue taking in the beautiful landscape while cooling off from the sauna.

    In my opinion, this is a top-of-the-list vacation destination.

    All Images from Dezeen

  • Get the Look - A Modern Outdoor Living Room

     Beautiful Modern Outdoor Living Room Overlooking the Ocean

    Lately, outdoor living rooms have become de rigeur in outdoor living spaces. 

    Gone are the days of the metal folding chairs with the woven plastic seats that would burn the back of your legs when you sat down. 

    Or do you remember the lounge chairs with the tubing stretched across the frame?  Those could swallow you whole if you weren’t careful!

    Now you can relax and entertain in style with new outdoor furniture options. With items made of materials specifically designed to withstand the elements it's easy to put together a stylish outdoor living room.


    Here’s how you can get the look of the outdoor living room above:

    Get the Look - A Modern Outdoor Living Room from Lamps Plus

    The Soft Block Moroccan Blue Outdoor Sofa, chair and chaise are a delightful departure from the typical wicker and rattan outdoor furniture you see everywhere. The Moroccan tile patterned upholstery gives the pieces a coastal vibe, but the furniture would look great anywhere you happen to be.

    Decorative pillows help complete the look of an outdoor living room.  The sapphire blue, moss green, and white pillows play off the colors seen in the Moroccan tile fabric on the furniture and the dragonfly pillow adds some additional visual interest.

    We love the look of an ottoman as a coffee table in a living room and now you can get the same look outdoors with this blue square outdoor ottoman.

    Set this lacquered turquoise tray on the ottoman with refreshments for your guests and serve them in these brightly colored glasses.

    Need some extra seating?  That’s where the Wasabi Green Chevron Stripe Outdoor Pouf comes in.  The pouf is super stylish and is easily moved around to fill in any seating gaps while you are entertaining.

    Since you’ve created such a comfortable and inviting set-up in your outdoor space, people will undoubtedly want to linger long after the sun sets, which means you’ll need a way to create a little ambiance. 

    The Salem Chrome and Chrome and Crystal Lantern Candelholders are designed to hold pillar candles and are perfect for setting the mood at night. 

    We highly recommend a virtual flame LED candle – it’s not a fire hazard and you don’t have to worry about digging out wicks the way you undoubtedly end up doing with wax candles.

    The combination of pieces used to create the outdoor living room seen above create a visually interesting space with layers of different colors, textures and patterns, a mix that is key to designing a successful room.

  • Small Kitchen Style Idea - Pendants and Barstools

    Small Kitchen Style Idea - Pendants and Barstools

    Stylish kitchen renovation in Australia.

    This adorable cottage in Brisbane, Australia got a new kitchen and it's perfect! It's a small kitchen, yet functional and simple, yet full of design details, like an awesome ceiling.

    The two things that stand out, besides the ceiling design, is the simple pendant lighting in a bold black and the array of stylish barstools. This space is not only stylish, but fully functional which is the ultimate goal in great design.

    Pendant Lighting and Barstools

    Pendant lighting and stylish barstools in a small kitchen.

    Contemporary pendant light fixtures are a  great idea for small kitchens because they bring attention to the vertical design. If you have a cool ceiling like the one above, it helps guide the eye upwards.

    Pendant Lighting and Barstools from Euro Style Lighting

    Here are some ideas for bastools and pendants:

    1. Black LED mini pendant

    2. Black LED mini pendant

    3. Stainless steel ivory barstool

    4. Black and walnut barstool

    Images from Dwell

June, 2015