Indoor Outdoor Living in New Zealand

The Castle Rock Beach House in New Zealand was designed by Herbst Architects is an amazing example of modern architecture and indoor outdoor living.

Private and Public Areas of the House

The site is a rocky hillside that the architects decided to work with rather than grading the lot.  The resulting lot is composed of two volumes, one public, one private.

 View to the Kitchen in the Castle Rock Beach House

The main section of the home is designed to be a flexible indoor outdoor living space

The living, dining, and kitchen areas are connected by a series of sliding glass doors and timber panels which allow the rooms to be completely open to the elements or closed up during bad weather.

The Dining Area is the Epitome of the Indoor Outdoor Living Experience

Amazing View from the Deck

The dining area on the view deck is covered by a slanted wood slat roof with a clerestory window to allow in even more natural light.  The contemporary dining table and chairs blend in with the natural wood materials used throughout the home.

 Cozy Wood-Paneled Lounge in a Modern Home

The interiors are warm with exposed beams and wood-paneled walls.  Much like the dining area, the wood furnishings are finished to blend in with their surroundings.

Flexible Living, Dining and Kitchen Space

Beautiful copper wall lights are used both inside and out throughout the home and complement both the architecture and interiors.

 View of the Castle Rock Beach House at Night

This home is like a deluxe beach shelter that we’d be willing to “glamp” in anytime.

Image Source: Home Adore