Modern Architecture on the Norwegian Landscape

Modern architecture draped over the Norwegian seaside.

This Norwegian seaside sauna called The Band, was designed by students at the Oslo School of Design and Architecture.

It's made up of three bands of wood that drape the rocky terrain perfectly. Beautiful architecture, like this sauna, enhances its environment rather than destroys it. 

The Interior of a Modern Sauna in a Student-Designed Structure

Modern seaside sauna design.

The landscape is appreciated from inside the sauna as well. The curves of the terrain are mimicked by the shape of the large windows, which provide an epic view.

A Modern Picnic Terrace on the Sea in Norway

Modern architecture by the sea.

The only thing missing are a couple of outdoor patio chairs and a patio accent table so you can continue taking in the beautiful landscape while cooling off from the sauna.

In my opinion, this is a top-of-the-list vacation destination.

All Images from Dezeen