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  • Sporty Commercial Design

    Reception area that incorporates astro turf into its design

    This cool office space belongs to a football (soccer) app company in Berlin. The commercial design goes above and beyond providing an inspiring environment for its employees.

    A astro turf running track runs through through the commercial design of the office

    The unique design includes lots of architectural elements, but also key pieces of furniture, like fun modern barstools and comfortable task chairs to pull it together.

    Stadium-like seating for meetings

    The commercial design features a multi-functional contemporary space with different areas for working, meeting and even practicing. Most importantly it expresses the sport spirit of the company itself.

    Glassed in conference room with astro turf flooring

    The work space, much like the home, should embody the people in it and this design firm definitely nailed this one.

    All images from Dezeen

  • Some Seriously Gorgeous Modern Kitchen Islands

    Modern kitchen island with barstools underneath and chandelier above.

    In this day and age of open-plan living, the modern kitchen is even more of a hub of family activity.

    In many cases the modern kitchen island has taken the place of the breakfast table and the large-scaled islands have enough room to allow you to cook and have your kids do their homework at the island at the same time.  Once homework time is over, the kids can clear off the island to make room for dinner.

    Contemporary white kitchen with white marble countertops, black kitchen barstools and several black pendant lights.

    The larger modern kitchen islands aren't just for kiddie activities. Let's be honest here... everyone wants to be in the kitchen, even when you entertain. The extra room gives guests the opportunity to sit and enjoy a drink while the host prepares food, or chip in and help.

    Modern white kitchen with a white marble kitchen island and bleached floors.

    Some kitchens go beyond a simple ledge or projection to create a seating area at the kitchen island. The kitchen above created a table-like extension in the same marble as the countertops for a sleek, streamlined look. The space under the counter is the perfect place to stow several kitchen barstools.

    Kitchen with stainless steel kitchen island featuring open and closed storage.

     You can never have too much storage, and a kitchen island is a great place for storage, both open and closed.

    We love the look of a few modern pendant lights hung above an island -- not only are they pretty to look at, they provide task lighting while you're working, and, if they're on dimmers, can be turned up or down depending on your immediate needs.

    Sleek modern kitchen with a table height counter wrapped around island.

    Seating at a modern kitchen island doesn't have to be limited to bar height. The island in the kitchen above has an extension built in at table height, which is the perfect opportunity to get those great dining chairs you've had your eye on.

    The modern kitchen island is multi-functional -- it's a cook space, homework center, dining area, storage area and guest magnet, so pull up a barstool (or chair)!

    Image Sources: HGTV; homedit; My Domaine; House to Home UK; homedit

  • Crushing on Tile Flooring in Modern Homes

     Patterned tile flooring in entryway

    Tile flooring ideas for the modern  home.

    If you think wood flooring is the only way to go, besides wall-to-wall carpet, think again! Patterned tile flooring is not just for the Tuscan villa dream vacation...

    Tile flooring can act as a beautiful accessory to the rest of your furnishings. It stands out even more when the home design is simple like this space above. Stylish mini pendants and streamlined task lamps are perfect for keeping an entryway minimal.

    But you don't necessarily need to tile your floor to get this look... Check out these ideas below:

    Hexagonal print carpet on stairway

    Geometric tile stairway.

    When you choose to go bold with pattern, you can do so much in spaces that would otherwise go unnoticed, like the stairway.

    Not sure you want tile on the stairs, worry about slipping and considering the the carpet runner option? Try an all-over, small scale patterned carpet that resembles tile!

    Mixed tile flooring in a modern bathroom

    Mismatched tile in a modern bathroom.

    You'll want to use tile in the bathroom, of course. So have fun with the pattern and mix it up... Try selecting a few different patterns that work well together, similar to mixing and matching pillows.

    Stenciled flooring in a breakfast nook

    Stencil flooring to look like tile.

    Do you live in a rental with laminate flooring, or you just don't have the budget to tile the floor in larger rooms?... Consider stencil, like this kitchen above. Head over to Nest Studio blog for the DIY, it's really impressive!

    Patterned tile flooring meant to look like an oriental rug

    Wall-to-wall tile flooring.

    Notice how minimal this modern home is, but how much style it expresses with those tile floors! Try dark walls for a moody atmosphere and to help the floor pattern really pop!

    Images from Stil Inspiration, Archilovers, Share Design, Apartment TherapyVosgeparis

  • How to Style a Modern Console Table

    Parsons-style console table with modern x-bench and tribal portrait

    A console table is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. It can be used in an entryway, as a sofa, a vanity or as a bar. They are also perfect as sideboards in a dining room, or, in a pinch as a laptop desk if you are short on space. 

    Modern console table with alabaster lamps, ornate mirror and zebra hair-on-hide stool

    When it comes to styling your console, start with a pair of two beautiful modern table lamps on each side to anchor the table.  Then add either a simple or more ornate modern wall mirror (depending on your taste or the look you want to achieve) above the center of the table to satisfy the Rule of Three. 

    What is the Rule of Three, you ask?

    The Rule of Three says that three (or any odd number) of objects arranged together will create a vignette with a sense of balance that will be visually appealing.  But, as with many things, there are always exceptions!

    Styled console table anchored by two tall glass lamps

    Next start playing with vignettes. Like so much in design, layering is key. Mix up the height of objects in a vignette -- items of the same height fall visually flat (and flat is boring, right?)

    Bring in visual texture through different finishes (matte, shiny,) textures (rough, smooth) and color.

    Grasscloth-covered walls in an entryway with modern console and wall mirror

    As we said, sometimes rules are made to be broken. This styled console table doesn't use a pair of table lamps on either side to ground the display. The display is very simple and it works because the orchid and enamel box are of different heights (visual interest) and the centered mirror balances the design.

    Plexiglass console table in front of large wall mirror, flanked by two modern wood chairs

    We love the look of a floor mirror behind a console table. Mirrors give the illusion of a larger space and are great for bouncing around natural light.

    This post focused on console tables in entryways, but the same principles apply no matter their location or use.

    Image Sources: The Gilded Nest; La Dolce Vita; Decor Fix; Lushome; McGill Design Group

  • Entryway Design Ideas

    Design Ideas For the Entryway

    Style ideas for the modern entryway

    Happy Monday everyone! Let's talk about entryway design today as we approach a new week!

    Similar to meeting someone for the first time, the entryway of your home is the first impression, which makes it important. It's an introduction to your home style.

    Modern Wall Mirrors For the Entryway

    Wall mirrors for the entryway.

    The entryway design above has all the right elements to make a style statement, starting with that door! Never underestimate some of the simple elements that you might not consider at first. Changing the front door will drastically affect your entryway, inside and out.

    The minimal console with accessories is perfectly balanced with the stylish modern wall mirror above. 

    If you choose a large piece of art instead of a mirror, give it a spotlight by using an energy-efficient LED picture light.

    Gallery Wall Above a Chest of Drawers

    Large wall gallery for the entryway

    Try a fun wall gallery like the one above... You don't have to stay inside the lines of your furniture, sometimes going outside the lines is most fun...!

    DIY Ideas for the Entryway

    DIY ideas for the entryway.

    If you're on a budget, there's fun ways to make your entryway presentable without having to break the bank on a console table. Like the images above, rather than purchase a piece of furniture, you could DIY a bench or some wood cubes.

    Images from SF Girl by Bay, Sugar & Cloth, Momtastic Life, Remodelista

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