Mixing metals in a modern living room through finishes and fabrics

Mixing metals used to be considered a faux pas, but no more!  In fact, it's quite modern and chic and we encourage you to mix it up.  Mixing metals creates interesting layered visual contrast, which is key for a well-designed room.

Cool metallic tones like silver, nickel, steel and chrome, bring a slick, modern aesthetic, while warmer tones like gold, rose gold, brass, bronze and copper are inviting and glamorous.  

Mixing the two can get you the best of both worlds, it can bring a dose of glamour to sleek modernism or bring a contemporary edge to a traditional space.

Vignette on table with gold base

If you are a little intimidated by the prospect of mixing metals, start small.  Create a vignette of a combination of metals.  See what works for you, and what doesn't and build from there.  

Don't forget the Rule of Three -- group objects in threes (or other odd numbers) so the display looks balanced.

Faux croc gold lampshade and satin drum shade

Crocodile Print Champagne Gold Lamp Shade - Sydnee Light Gray Satin Drum Lamp Shade

Metallic lampshades are another easy way to ease yourself into the mixing metals trend.  We love the crocodile texture of the gold lampshade and the sleek and sophisticated look of the silver lampshade on the right.

Gold table lamps add a touch of glam to any room

Ilene Modern Gold Table Lamp - Simone Gold Faux Croc Table Lamp

Feeling a little bolder?  Lighting would be the next step in your adventures in metal mixing. Beautiful gold table lamps add a dose of glam to any room -- the gold lamp on the left really stands out against the silver gray background and the crocodile textured lamp on the right balances the sleek smoothness of the silver mirror.

Mirrored console with brass base flanked by two plexiglass and brass etageres

When designers talk about mixing metals, it doesn't always have to literally mean metal.  You can find metallic tones everywhere, like in the room above with the patterned metallic silver wallpaper and the lustrous velvet upholstered x-benches.  

The calm silver tones combine with the gold, brass and mirrored accents to create a stunning tableau, it definitely caught our attention!

Beautiful living room designed by Jean-Louis Deniot that mixes silver and gold finishes

Jean-Louis Deniot is in the mixing metal big league with this beautifully designed living room.  

The gold elements (the coffee table base, gold floor lamps and the quilted gold pedestals in the background) contrast with the cool silver tones seen in the room (the modern room divider with mirrored and silver panels and the luxe silver rug); the mix creates layers of texture and visual interest resulting in a breath-taking room.  

You can take baby steps or jump in with both feet into this trend, it's really up to you.  Hopefully this post has given you some ideas as to how to incorporate this idea into your own home!

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