Exterior of a mid century modern backyard studio

Stylish mid century modern backyard studio in Seattle.

No matter how small the space, you can create big style... This Seattle home has a stylish mid century modern studio in the backyard to be used for creative tasks or out-of-town guests.

What I love most is that they didn't skimp on style just because it's in the backyard. They gave attention to both the architecture and the interior design.

The studio's entry with mid century modern architectural features and modern pendant light

Minimal mid century modern entryway.

The couple kept the interior design minimal so that it could easily transition for many uses. They enjoy sculpting, painting and vintage furniture.

You can dress up any foyer with modern entryway pendant lights, but notice how important the interior architecture is, like the windows, ceiling, and door selection.

Sitting area with period furnishings

Small living space with big style.

The living space is comfortable, yet easy to transition. The furniture is light and mobile.

What are your creative hobbies? Whether you have a cool space like this one or not, hopefully you get a chance to be creative this weekend...

All images via Dwell