Clean-lined entryway to waterfront home

This modern waterfront home on the Copenhagen harbor belongs to a couple tired of living inland, so now they can literally jump in the harbor right outside their front door!

This is the entryway to the home - It leads straight to the water and creates a pretty view. Simple recessed lighting, open shelving and a stylish porthole wall mirror are perfect for this simple entry. 

Open and airy modern design in living room

While you may assume the home is designed in fashion with a lakeside cabin, you'd be wrong. This harbor house wastes no time trying to be thematic just because it's on the water. Contemporary Euro style furniture and cool modern lighting create a unique style for most waterfront homes.

Contemporary bathroom with bright yellow floor

The modern design in the bathroom features a fun pop of yellow while the rest is minimal. One wooden ladder softens up the modern aesthetic of the rest of the room.

Scandinavian-style bedroom lined with unfinished plywood

Unfinished plywood surrounds this bedroom, giving warmth to a space that is otherwise all-white. The modern wall lighting and art pop against the wood grains.

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