Rustic dining table with woven chairs in different colors

While I love a great collection of black pendant lights, what I'm really enjoying in this kitchen design above is the mix of modern dining chairs.

They follow one of the rules I like and I don't like many... If you want to mix up the color, keep the style of the chair the same; If you want to mix up the style, then keep the color consistent. This isn't always the case, but it's a good rule of thumb.

Contemporary dining room with mismatched chairs

We already have an example of breaking the color/form rule and it didn't hurt... The modern dining room above mixes it all up and looks great. The simple white pendant light is perfect amongst the mismatched modern dining chairs.

As long as something is consistent... Eclectic style runs through the design of this room so it's not a problem visually to see mixed chairs and colors. 

Modern dining room with natural wood dining chairs and one metal green chair

Not sure you want too much color or eclectic style in your kitchen? Just try a single pop of color, like this space above. The all-white palette really allows that pretty green chair to pop.

Here's some fun chairs to help you get started in the process of mixing up your dining room style:

Selection of colorful contemporary dining chairs from Euro Style Lighting

1. green lucite dining chair

2. white dining chair

3. modern orange chair

4. black tripod chair

5. blue metal frame dining chair

Images from Trendspanara; Inside ClosetSF Girl by Bay