Small space design idea: separate your bed from the rest of the room with a curtain

Interior design for small spaces can be tricky, but not impossible.

With rents going up, and then up again, many people are forced to live in places the size of a postage stamp.

Have no fear, there are ways to make a diminutive space work for you. Here are five of our favorite ideas for how to maximize your small space:

1. Maximize Natural Light

Living room with cream-colored sofa, wood coffee table and black and white chevron rug and modern wall mirror above the sofa

Natural light is important in any space, but especially in a smaller apartment. Natural light brightens up the space and keeps it from looking too dark and depressing. Modern wall mirrors are perfect for bouncing light around the apartment, it helps maximize natural light and gives the illusion that your space is bigger than it is.

2. Divide Your Space into Zones

Open bookcase in studio apartment separates sleeping area from the rest of the room

Establish different zones for the different things you do in your apartment, like eating, relaxing, sleeping, working, etc. Marking off these areas can make a space feel larger.

Bookcases are ideal for this purpose.  In the bedroom above, the bookcase separates the living area from the sleeping area that feels more like a bedroom.

You can also use changes in flooring to indicate different zones.

But beware, too many zones can make your space feel maze-like. 

3. Storage is Key

Built-in shelves occupy a "dead" corner of an entry

One thing you can never have enough of, especially in small spaces, is storage. One idea is to take a dead corner in a room and make some built-ins. You can also use furniture that does double duty like storage benches.

4. Conceal What You Can

Small studio apartment with high platform bed with lots of storage

Clutter is the bane of a small space's existence. Use things like storage boxes with lids, under bed storage, and the aforementioned storage benches to keep clutter out of sight.

The platform bed above integrates storage into the base and is perfect for items you need regular access to.

5. Think Vertical

Small studio apartment with 3/4 height wall creating a bedroom and floating shelves to the ceiling for storage

When there is a shortage of floor space, think up. Things like floating shelves draw the eye up and make your studio/small apartment seem roomier than it really is. Plus, more shelves = more storage!

These are just a few ideas for interior design for small spaces. What techniques do you use when designing for a small space? Share in the comments below!

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