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  • Modern Lifestyle Off The Grid

    A modest off the grid cabin in the snow

    Off the grid never looked so good.

    If you live in any large city, chances are you've dreamt of living completely disconnected. If you're like me, you've wondered what that would look like and often times it doesn't look great. So what to do if you want to live off the grid, but still appreciate good design?

    Here's how....

    Outdoor dining room with fireplace and big ceiling fan

    Outdoor dining in a modern cabin.

    The outdoor dining space is where I would spend all of my time, even in the cold. There's a beautiful fireplace to help stay warm in the cooler months and you can include a big ceiling fan for the warmer months.

    Modern living room with concrete floors and white ceiling fan decorated with neutral furnishings

    Modern living room with concrete floors.

    The place is built to cool the house when needed and hold onto heat when it's cold. It can go up to 3 days without using energy in the Winter! It also has it's own water supply and electrical.

    In addition to efficiency of the home, they didn't skimp on style. Neutral furnishings complement the beautiful views of the landscape seen through all the windows.

    All images from Dwell

  • Modern Closet Solutions

    Freestanding hanging rack in a minimalist room

    Minimal closet style.

    While necessity usually dictates the type of closet we need, there are some modern closet solutions available to make your closet stylish and functional.

    This minimal style above may be not be enough for your entire closet, but it's a fun idea for extra hanging space separate from the official closet. Hang your most stylish pieces on display...

    A closet solution in an apartment without one is an armoire

    Modern furniture in a closet space.

    You might be one of the unlucky renters who live in an apartment without a closet.

    In that case, seize the opportunity to choose a modern cabinet to act as a freestanding closet. Don't forget, a simple modern chair can go a long way, whether for putting on shoes, or tossing that jacket you're too tired to hang.

    All-white closet solution with a combination of hanging and drawer storage

    Small walk-in closet style.

    This space combines the two ideas above. Of course, this closet means the owner has a bit more space, but notice the benefits of mixing up storage style.

    Open shelving or hanging space, combined with drawers or doors, are winning closet solutions in a modern closet.

    Images from Riazzoli, Casa del Caso, My Domaine

  • Unpredictable Design - Art in the Kitchen

    Sure, we've seen art in the bathroom, dining room and every other room that's more predictable like the entryway, but we don't often use art in the kitchen... The kitchen is typically void of extra design elements like art and sculpture because it's such a functional space.

    Well, you can have style AND function... Here's some cool ideas. Starting with this cool kitchen above. The art is subtle, but pops agains that wood finish beautifully. The white pendant lighting is also a great pop of style.

    Contemporary kitchen with black island and bar-level eating area with wood and metal barstools

    Shelving in a modern kitchen.

    Shelving in the kitchen can be for more than just plates, pots and pans.

    The modern kitchen above keeps all the function behind cabinet doors and saves the open shelving for books and art. I love it. Modern swivel bar stools would be a great option in an open kitchen plan like this one.

    Kitchen with scalloped tile backsplash and contemporary kitchen island with copper column supporting the kitchen island extension

    Sculpture art in the kitchen.

    Don't limit yourself to books and canvas art, try some modern sculpture in the kitchen as well.

    As long as it doesn't interrupt the function of your kitchen by taking too much space, it can be a great design element!

    Images from Remodelista -  Photography by Rory Gardiner , Inside Out, Dust Jacket

  • Showcase Your Art with Picture Lights

    A brushed nickel picture light illuminates a piece of artwork

    Picture lights are a great way to showcase your artwork and framed photos. You can also hang them on built-in bookcases to highlight your collection of tomes and favorite accessories.

    An important thing to know is how to select the right size picture light for what you are choosing to highlight.

    Here are 3 simple steps to finding the right light for you:

    1. Measure the width of your art. If framed, include the frame in your measurement.
    2. For best results, choose a picture light that is about 1/2 the width of your artwork
    3. If you are using a light with a slim, small profile, you may have to select a slightly larger light in order to illuminate the entire piece.

    Popular Features and Styles:

    Wall Mounted

    Wall mounted picture lights provide a clean and classic look and are mounted on the wall above your artwork and you can choose between a plug-in design or a hard-wired fixture.

    Plug-in picture lights will typically have the cord hanging down the wall. You can conceal the cords behind shelving or furniture.

    The hard-wired option has no visible cords or wires and is installed directly into a junction box and is controlled by a switch (with dimmers, please!)

    Frame Mounted

    This type, as the name suggests, mounts directly on the frame itself and is ideal for artwork that has a wide or large ornate frame.

    Like wall-mounted picture lights, there are plug-in and hard-wired options available.

    Battery Powered Picture Lights

    Battery powered picture lights are perfect for a clean and streamlined look, and, because there are no wires, they can be installed pretty much anywhere.

    Tip: Even the most efficient models need to have their batteries replaced from time to time, so if you plan on using the light a lot, you should opt for a plug-in or hard-wired design.

    Track Style Lighting

    Track lighting is usually mounted on a ceiling, but certain designs can also be hung on a wall.

    This type of lighting is hard-wired and needs to be installed in a ceiling or wall junction box.

    Track lighting is composed of a long bar with multiple lights that can be adjusted and aimed as needed; they are ideal for illuminating a large wall or gallery-style area.

    Plug-In Picture Lights

    As we mentioned above, plug-in picture lights mount to the wall and typically require brackets or mounting hardware, which is typically included with the fixture. Once mounted, the light plugs into a standard three-prong electrical outlet.

    Plug-in picture lights are very easy to install, and come in both halogen and LED designs, as well as your traditional incandescent.

    Bulb Types:

    After you've selected the size and features of a picture light, you need to consider the types of bulbs available for the fixture. There are a wide range of bulb types available, including energy-efficient LEDs.

    LED Picture Lights

    LED picture lights are some of the most energy-efficient lights you can buy. Remember to choose a bulb with a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80+ are best, as they do not alter the color appearance of artwork.

    The new LED bulbs don't only come in the bright blue-tinged light of the past, there are warm LEDs available too, which resemble the light given off by incandescent bulbs.

    Remember to shop for LEDs based on lumens (light output), not the amount of watts/energy used.

    Incandescent Picture Lighting

    Incandescent picture lighting provides a warm, overall glow, but don't have the lifespan of other options, like LED or halogen bulbs.

    Halogen Bulbs

    Picture lights with halogen bulbs provide a bright, white light that is good for illuminating a broad range of colors.

    There are a lot of options for picture lights out there and now that you know how to calculate the proper size for a picture light and what features and bulb-types are available, you are all set to highlight your beautiful artwork and bookshelves!

  • Simply Modern Bathroom Design

    Modern white double sink vanity with glass wall lights over the mirrors

    Simple bathroom design with iron wall sconces.

    When it comes to interior design, it doesn't take a lot to make a big statement. Here's some simple, yet perfect designs for your bathroom.

    White walls paired with white marble and bronze details might be my favorite trio. This bathroom balances all three perfectly. You can always mix up the bronze with a darker finish too. Try stylish bronze wall mirrors with modern iron wall sconces...

    Bathroom with brass pedestal sink and marble basin,modern geometric floor tiles and brass and glass wall lights

    Patterned floor in a modern bathroom.

    Never underestimate the power of pattern! This bathroom design features simple, yet chic style and then the floors take it to the next level...

    Contemporary bathroom design with brass pendants hanging on either side of a round wall mirror

    Bathroom style with pendant lighting.

    You don't have to use sconces just because it's a bathroom, try small pendant lighting on either side of the vanity for a cool look.

    Images from Kate Monteith, My Domaine, Simply Grove

September, 2015