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  • Ferris Bueller House For Sale

    A contemporary steel-framed home

    Cameron Frye's Home from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    As reported by Design Milk, there's great news in the housing market... The character Cameron Frye's home in Ferris Bueller's Day Off's house is for sale!

    If you love modern architecture and lots of windows, and even if you don't remember the movie, take a look at this house.

    A contemporary living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and recessed lighting

    The Ben Rose House is for sale.

    Located in Highland Park, Illionois, The Ben Rose House was built in 1953. The most amazing design element are the floor to ceiling windows throughout the entire house.

    Contemporary ceiling lights, along with recessed lighting, are perfect for this home because there's no big chandeliers obstructing the beautiful views.

    A modern kitchen with wood plank ceiling over eating area features close-to-ceiling lights

    Modern kitchen in a famous house.

    The linear kitchen design looks out to more great nature scenes. The breakfast nook features close to ceiling lights while the kitchen sticks to more recessed lighting, keeping the narrow space as open as possible.

    The home from Ferris Bueller is only listed for a measly $1.65 million...

    Images from ISO 50

  • Contemporary Lighting – Things to Consider

    For the home lighting novice, choosing the proper contemporary lighting can be daunting. With so many fixtures and so many rooms, it can be difficult to know where to begin!

    Asking yourself a few questions at the beginning of the process gives you a better idea of what kind of contemporary lighting fixtures you need.

    So take a deep breath, have a seat, and get lighting!

    How Does Your Décor Affect The Light?

     Living room with chandelier, wall sconces and table lamps to provide proper lighting

    Use chandeliers for ambient lighting

    Do you have heavy window dressings, dark wood furniture, and richly colored upholstery? Or is your room full of natural light, mirrors, and glass furniture? Both types of décor require different types of lights.

    Darker rooms need more lighting to make up for the light that will be swallowed up by the furniture.

    Naturally bright rooms require less lighting, and the reflective nature makes it a perfect candidate for ambient lighting. Luckily, there are many contemporary lighting options to combat these problems.

    What Kind Of Activity Takes Place?

     Kitchen with industrial style close to ceiling light fixture

    Use close to ceiling lights if your ceilings aren't high enough for pendant lighting

    Each room in your home requires a different type of lighting. Consider what sorts of activities take place in the room, both on a daily basis and for special occasions.

    It’s important to have lighting options to fit a variety of situations, whether it’s a quiet evening spent reading, or a busy cocktail party.

    Ambient light is great in general, but installing modern task lights for reading or using the computer are often necessary.

    Installing a variety of lights in each room makes it versatile and provides you with many lighting options.

    Is There Anything You Want to Showcase?

    Picture light to highlight art on the wall

    Highlight art with picture lights

    Perhaps it’s a favorite piece of artwork, a central fireplace, or an accent wall - many living spaces have items to showcase.

    Consider where this item sits in the room, and what sorts of contemporary lighting you can use to feature it.

    Picture lights are a great option, or classic track lighting pointing in the direction of the piece works too. Structure your lighting plan around the showcased item to make sure it’s never overlooked!

    What Is The Natural Traffic Pattern

    Industrial-style bronze floor lamp in contemporary living room

    Floor lamps are perfect if you don't have enough room for a side table

    You would never put a floor lamp in the middle of a hallway, right? Well make sure you don’t block any paths in your home by being mindful of the placement of lamps, chandeliers, and more.

    Wall lights that make you duck out of the way or lamps that make you swerve are never a good idea in a home.

    Make sure you are mindful of the traffic pattern in your home before you install new lighting.

    Above all, remember that “more is more.” You can never have too many lights, and you can always add dimmer switches or turn some off!

    Discover the perfect contemporary lighting for your home today with Euro Style Lighting!

    All images from Euro Style Lighting

  • Chic Halloween Tablescape Ideas

     Chic Halloween tablescape ideas with pumpkins decorated with a harlequin pattern or polka dots

    Halloween decor for the table

    While putting together costumes is fun, dressing up your home for a Halloween dinner party is even more fun. Here's some chic tablescape ideas for a perfectly ghoulish dinner party.

    Depending on whether you have modern flush mount lighting or hanging pendant lighting in your dining room, you can design a high or low table setting. A collection of chic pumpkins is a great idea for a low profile design.

     Gold spray painted pumpkins and pine cones with matching votives

    Linear table setting idea

    If you have a long table, try a linear design like this one above. Branches are a great way to guide the decor in either direction.

    The metallic spray paint on the branches, pine cones, and pumpkins add a bit of sophistication. This is going to be a stylish party!

    Dark and spooky Halloween tablescape with black tableware and gold flatware

    Dark table setting design

    It's possible to get a little dark and creepy while still creating a stylish tablescape. The dark colors of the table, dinnerware and even the pumpkins add the drama. The gold utensils add the flair. And of course the bugs add the creepy, totally appropriate for October 31st.

    Hope these tablescape ideas help you plan the perfect Halloween party...

    Images from The Chic Street Journal, My DomaineA Pumpkin and a Princess

  • The 5 Best LED Retrofit Trims for Recessed Down Lighting

    LED retrofit down lighting with cove lighting above

    While the word BEST can be a pretty subjective term, our recessed lighting customers often ask "what are the best LED retrofit trims for recessed down lighting?

    The answer can vary based on the size of your can opening, the lamp type being replaced, and the interior decor.

    But when it comes to all-time sales and low return rates, the numbers don't lie. So, here are the best-recessed retrofit kits on the market.

    DLR56 5000K White 17 Watt 5"/6" Retrofit LED Downlight

    This basic retrofit trim fits most standard 5" or 6" can lights found in the home. It is Energy Star rated and certified for wet locations, so the DLR56 (EU7Y127) is also suited for bathrooms and kitchens. The basic white color fits with 80% of homes and is quick to ship in less than 48 hours.

    White Retrofit LED down light (EU7Y127)

    Nora White 6-Inch Dedicated Diamond Reflector Trim

    Contemporary kitchen featuring retrofit LED lighting (EU3C537)

    Time and again, contractors choose this low profile recessed retrofit to replace down lights in restaurants and commercial settings with tall ceilings.

    The EU3C537 uses a high polish diamond trim to maximize the power of its 15W LED source. Best of all, the reflector trim obscures the light source from view and uses less wattage than the DLR56 to produce almost the same amount of light.

    LED White Adjustable Recessed Retrofit Trim

    Adjustable LED adjustable LED retrofit trim in white (EU6R739)

    If you're looking for a retrofit module that can accent pictures in your living room or bedroom, try this cost-effective LED White Adjustable Recessed Retrofit Trim (EU6R739.) It includes an L-bracket and convenient spring clips that can be field-adjusted for any 5-inch or 6-inch recessed housing, and works fine in an 8-ft ceilings.

    Line Voltage ENERGY STAR LED 4-Inch Recessed DownLight

     Courtyard by Marriot hotel lobby with LED retrofit trims

    For the DIY lighting person in your family that cares about light quality, look no further than this line voltage ENERGY STAR LED 4" Recessed Down Light  (EUY9612).

    It features a shiny reflector and a smooth white trim that looks fantastic in any contemporary home or business.

    But the real “kicker” is Cree’s cool-running heat sink and their patented TruWhite technology, which combines red and unsaturated yellow LEDs for a warm, white light. This LED recessed down light is also dimmable.

    Luminaire LED White Surface-Mounted Trim

    Surface mount white LED retrofit trim (EU6R740)

    Finally, if your personal definition of "best retrofit downlight" means bottom-line economics, try this popular LED trim, priced at $20 per unit (EU6R740).

    It includes an acrylic cover visible below the ceiling line, which adequately dissipates the 10W LED source. This trim fits most 5-inch and 6-inch openings and can even mount directly to a junction box!

    Other Considerations When Buying Recessed LED Retrofit Trims

    Some final thoughts as you search for the right LED modules:

    • • In low voltage units, retrofit LED down lights rely on the original ballast on the can. If you have a faulty ballast, consider a remodel kit instead.
    • • Emergency backup battery packs designed for fluorescent lamps will not operate the new LED module. If you need redundant capability, you must buy a new housing with the emergency LED driver factory installed.
    • • If you’re buying new construction can lights for the first time, you can save a bundle buying inexpensive fluorescent housing and replacing the CFL with an LED trim.

    Did we miss any retrofit LED recessed down lighting models you think should be on this list?

    How much does light quality concern you when price-shopping different brands?

    Drop us a line below!

    First image source: Terry Whitworth on Flickr; Fifth image: Cree Lighting; All other images: Euro Style Lighting

  • A Study in Small Space Design

    Living room with exposed brick walls in a small loft studio apartment

    Small space design lessons

    Cassandra LaValle, from the blog Coco+Kelly, has recently debuted her studio apartment in Seattle. It's a perfect reason to talk about small space design and the right way to achieve big style.

    While it doesn't take a lot to make brick walls look good, LaValle did a great job with this living room design. The rug designates the area while the sofa and pillows make it comfortable.

    Small kitchen design with modern light fixtures

    Small kitchen design with multiple lighting styles

    General rule of thumb... If it's important for a large space, it should be translated for a small space. Multiple lighting sources for a kitchen is a good idea and while there may not be as much space in a studio apartment kitchen, the same idea can be applied.

    Track lighting and mini pendant lighting, like these stylish modern light fixtures, make a great pair for kitchen design, large or small.

    Cozy dining room design with wood chairs and small sofa as a banquette

    Small dining room design

    It's important to create all the necessary spaces, even if upon first glance you don't see how they will all fit in one space.

    LaValle made sure not to leave out a dining space, even if it's technically in front of the bedroom. It works because it's also near the living room, which isn't far from the kitchen.

    A studio apartment should function like any other apartment. There must be somewhere for friends and family to gather around a meal.

    Bedroom in small studio apartment with table lamps and track lighting

    Studio apartment with a stylish bedroom

    Appropriately, the bedroom is in the farthest corner from the front door.

    The bedroom design, like all of the areas, works well with the rest of the space and even shares a bookshelf with the living room.

    All images from My Domaine

October, 2015