Exterior of 800 sq ft prefab home in Australia

Smart, prefab design in Australia

This prefab home in Australia produces more energy than it consumes. It's smart and pretty! The small 800 square foot structure is sealed tight to keep the heat out and the cold inside.

It's the solar panel top that enables it to produce more energy than it consumes.

Minimally decorated room with modern sconces and floor to ceiling windows

Modern interior design with large windows

The Carbon Positive House prototype is on display in Melbourne's City Square. 

Minimally furnished, each decision stands out, like the stylish built-in bench and modern sconces.

Modern kitchen with sustainably sourced wood cabinets and industrial style pendant lighting

Open plan kitchen design

Considering the small space, the home is designed with a large kitchen. The light wood finish makes it feel open and fresh.

The prefab design includes wood paneling throughout the home, which is sustainably sourced. The home also includes non-toxic materials and the home's appliances are energy-efficient and make use of rain water recycling.

All images from Inhabitat