Rustic, modern kitchen with outdoor lighting

If you're like me, you love outdoor lighting...

And not just for the outdoors! Modern outdoor wall light fixtures look great in the kitchen when you're trying to achieve a more industrial or rustic aesthetic.

So, while you may be staying indoors more now that temperatures have dropped, that doesn't mean outdoor lighting can't be at the forefront of your design priorities.

Minimal lighting in a modern kitchen

There are so many varying degrees of design combinations. This home leans toward modern, but with some rustic details, including those cool wall light fixtures.

And while the overall design is very modern, there's also a rustic undertone with the type of materials used, like natural wood cabinets and concrete floors.

Bold light fixtures in a modern kitchen

Try some bold, black outdoor wall lighting to add some contrast to a soft-palette space. This Scandinavian-style kitchen design is minimal, yet elegant. The wall lighting adds a bit of 'wow' and is balanced by the black appliances.

What are your kitchen design dreams when it comes to modern lighting?

Images from Decor 8, Fresh Fix, Trendenser