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  • Add More Kitchen Seating With Barstools

    Even though the season of entertaining is over, you can never have too much seating in the most popular room of the house, the kitchen. Barstools are a great way to add seating and style!

    Modern kitchen with dip dyed wood barstools

    Barstools for extra kitchen seating

    The space above did a great job pairing some fun barstools with cool, modern art and mini pendant lighting.

    Contemporary kitchen with wicker and metal barstools in different colors

    Mixed color barstools

    Mix it up a bit and choose different colors for your barstools. If you keep all the colors within the same palette it will work every time.

    All white kitchen with glass globe pendants and leather and chrome barstools

    Fabric barstools for more texture

    Fabric barstools are great for adding texture to a modern space. The leather barstools above work so well with the patterned area rug below.

    Images from Homedit, HK Living, Jaclyn Page

  • Make a Statement With Kitchen Chandeliers

    While some may think the design of a kitchen is simple enough, and that only the style of appliances are what really matter, they are wrong. There is just as many style decisions to make in the kitchen as there are in the living room, if not more, because it has so many functions.

    Modern kitchen with chalkboard painted wall and large black drum pendant

    Kitchen chandelier idea for a modern home

    One of the most important design elements, like in the living room, is lighting. 

    All white kitchen with rustic dining table and chairs and crystal chandelier

    Crystal chandelier for a minimal kitchen design

    Kitchen chandeliers can come in a wide range of styles. For example, the classic drum shade chandelier, like in the kitchen above.

    You can never go wrong with a stunning crystal chandelier, especially for a modern-Scandinavian style kitchen design. The rustic table and classic chairs pair perfectly with a sparkly light fixture. They achieve balance, rather than perfection. Don't ever strive for "perfection" (in life or design).

    Rustic kitchen with reclaimed wood table, midcentury modern-style chairs and modern wire frame kitchen pendant

    Exciting pendant lighting for the kitchen

    Like with any other room of the house, don't forget to take some risk in your design. It may lead to something great, like this kitchen design above.

    The innovative pendant light above adds tons of personality without taking to much space in this small kitchen.

    Images from Mrs Jones, Coco Lapine Design, Damernas

  • Lighting Ideas For a Reading Nook

    There's nothing better than grabbing a good book or magazine and curling up... Except when you've got a designer reading nook to curl up in.

    Monochromatic reading nook with black glass table lamp

    Modern reading nook

    Eye-catching glass table lamps can be a great option for adding a bold detail or even some color. In the case of this room above, the black detail adds a nice contrast to the monotone space.

    Brown leather midcentury modern-style chair with cozy faux fur throw

    Modern floor lamp for a reading nook

    The most predictable option for a reading corner is a floor lamp, and sometimes it's the best idea.

    But maybe try something bold like a black floor lamp. It pairs nicely with the brown leather chair above in such an earthy space.

    All-white reading nook with storage bench and wall-mounted swing arm lamp

    Window seating with wall lighting

    This built-in bench is great for reading with a view as well as extra storage.

    But when it comes to lighting,you may not have the space for a table lamp or a floor lamp. No problem, try some stylish wall lighting instead.

    Images from My Domaine, Planete Deco, Elisabeth Heier

  • Rehab Under $1000 with Modern Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures

    Did you know cheap outdoor lighting could drastically devalue your mid century modern home? We realize buying modern outdoor wall light fixtures can be a strain on your wallet. So we put together a full rehab solution for under a thousand bucks!


    Exterior of a Midcentury Modern home

    Mid century modern (MCM) homes built between 1945 and 1965 were designed with clean lines and flat or gabled roofs. Stylish modern outdoor wall light fixtures reflect this minimalist style.

    Improve the curb appeal of your MCM home with just a few exterior wall lights. You can rehab the front yard with just a few lights over the porch and garage, with an outdoor post light as a primary light source.

    Entry with wooden gate flanked by modern outdoor wall light fixtures

    Some transitional outdoor wall mounts like the John Timberland Habitat Outdoor Wall Light blur the line between “modern” and “contemporary” styles. Just make sure your wiring and electrical boxes are stable enough for a retrofit.

    You can get away with less period-specific fixtures in the backyard. But for our purposes, let’s concentrate on the front yard first.

    Labor Costs for Modern Exterior Lighting

    The biggest wild card in our equation is the cost of labor. Electricians typically charge between $85-$90 per hour, plus the initial assessment.

    The EC will determine if your electrical boxes can endure the lighting upgrade. They'll also test the wiring to make sure it meets current electrical codes. Just beware that if the j-boxes or wiring needs replacing, you'll be paying over $1000 just for labor.

    You can save roughly $200 by pouring concrete and setting the post top yourself. But when it comes to electrical, you’re always better off hiring a licensed professional.

    Assuming your J-boxes and wiring are all good, let’s do the math:

    Assessment -  $90
    Labor ($90/hr x 6hrs) -  $540
    *Outdoor light post - $50
    *Modern post top light - $189
    *Concrete mix (60lb bag) $3
    TOTAL -  $872

    * If you don’t need a post top light for your yard, you’ll have an extra $242 to play with.

    Top 5 Budget-Busting Modern Outdoor Wall Light Fixtures

    With a slim budget of $128-to-$242, choose from the following cost-effective modern-style solutions:

    Bronze modern outdoor wall lights on either side of a modern slate wall fountain

    #1: The Modern Bronze Grid Outdoor Wall Mount by John Timberland

    If your MCM home has a cream color, maintain the lively-look with our Modern Bronze Grid Outdoor Wall Mount ($64.99). The rubbed bronze finish has a tropical vibe, ideal for homes in Southern California and Florida.

    Contemporary outdoor wall sconce in bronze with opal glass

    #2: The Habitat Modern Outdoor Wall Light by John Timberland

    Like the look of the first John Timberland fixture, but need to shave $10 off the price? Then the Habitat Modern Outdoor Wall Light ($59.99) might be your hero. The opal glass shade dominates the face of this outdoor wall sconce, blending well with white paint or stucco exteriors.

    Modern outdoor wall lantern with seedy glass panes

    #3: The Terrace 1-Light Bronze Outdoor Wall Light by Maxim Lighting

    The Terrace 1-Light Bronze Outdoor Wall Light ($58.00) looks like a streamlined update of traditional coach lights. Its frosted glass panes create a soft glow that looks like a lantern in the night.

    Matte graphite cylindrical outdoor wall light

    #4: The Matte Graphite Modern Wall Light by Possini Euro

    If you want a dramatic effect, you’ll dig the Matte Graphite Modern Wall Light from Possini Euro ($49.99). Instead of soft cozy illumination, it projects a sharp cone of light up and down. This creates a safe pathway light while highlighting the architecture of a gabled roof.

    White outdoor bulkhead wall light with frosted glass shade

    #5: The Nauticus White Outdoor Bulkhead Modern Wall Light (EU7X712) by Access Lighting. $31.00

    Finally, for the tightest budgets, you can pick up the Nauticus White Outdoor Bulkhead Wall Light for only $31.00 each. It creates vibrant pathway light for traversing your porch or driveway. Its upper glare shield also prevents light pollution from spilling into your neighbors yard.

    What is the budget for your exterior lighting rehab project? How did your budgetary constraints affect the outdoor wall mounts you chose? We would love to hear your strategy.

    Image source: Top image - Stan Houseman (BohmannPark_7); Euro Style Lighting

  • 5 Modern Lamp Shades for Mad Men Inspired Table Lamps

    Though the show is over, we’re still hooked on Mad Men’s award winning set design - especially the midcentury style lighting fixtures.

    If you’re a die-hard fan of the series, transform your dull table lamps and pendants with our Top Five Mad Men-inspired designer modern lamp shades.

    The Ted Chaough

    Drum shade with 60s-inspired lattice pattern
    A partner at rival agency Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough, Ted (Kevin Rahm) is the external villain to our hero, Don Draper. In Season Six we see this groovy (if somewhat chaotic) wall pattern in Ted's office. Pull off a similar style with the Retro Lattice Giclee Drum Lamp Shade, a 10-inch shade with a late 60s lattice design printed using a high-definition printmaking technology.

    The Bert Cooper

    Beige linen oval lampshade

    A founding father of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Bertrand Cooper (Robert Morse) is a collector of Japanese art and architecture. He tops his table lamps with Beige Linen Hardback Oval Lamp Shades - which are not quite white, not quite brown, but somewhere between. The art directors of the TV show likely chose this color since it resembles rice paper and sand gardens.

    The Don & Megan

    Orange faux silk tall drum shade

    In the Fifth Season, Don Draper (Jon Ham) moves into a high-rise bachelor apartment in the Upper East Side. Unlike his boring old suburban life, Don’s new digs are vibrant and full of state of the art gadgetry.

    Inspired by the table lamps in his den, the Orange Faux Silk Drum Lamp Shade reflects the youthful vigor that his new wife (played by Jessica Pare) breathes into Don's life. And like a relic of a bygone era, this drum lamp is hand made to order by California artisans.

    Roger Sterling – The Mod Years

    Mod black and white checkered giclee lamp shade

    When silver fox Roger Sterling (John Slattery) has his own midlife crisis, his office design goes in a different direction than Don's. Instead of vibrant orange, blues and bold patterns, Sterling goes for two-tone Mod. Inspired by the mid-60s modern art on his walls, the tapered Checkered Black Giclee Modern Lamp Shade has a similar 3D effect.

    The Joan Holloway

    Coral/peach modern lamp shade

    Office bombshell Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) embodies elegance and curves. Our Coral Peach Drum Lamp Shade is bold and brassy just like Joan. It also has a distinctive hourglass figure, and matches her favorite peachy-pink color palette.

    Which Mad Men Character Are You?

    How does your favorite character’s style speak to you? We’d love to hear your ideas, and maybe see some screen grabs/still photos from the show that that inspire you. We can probably find the modern lamp shade you’ve been searching for.

February, 2016