You may already love floor lamps, but here are some fun ideas that you may not have thought of for your modern home.

Modern living room with adjustable floor lamp near an egg chair

Double floor lamps in a modern living room

Two is better than one. Just because you have a floor lamp in your living room doesn't mean you can't put that new one you fell in love with there as well. Most importantly, they don't have to match, just work well together like the two above.

Graphic black and white modern bedroom with adjustable floor lamp next to bed

Floor lamp bedside

Bedside is somewhere you may not have thought of using a floor lamp, but it looks great and functions just the way a sconce or table lamp would.

May as well double your innovative ideas and use stylish outdoor tables for nightstands. They work well in a minimal style space.

Dining room with chrome arc light in place of pendant light

Arc floor lamp in a modern dining room

The dining room is one of my favorite unexpected rooms for a modern floor lamp! The high arc floor lamp is such a nice bow on a beautiful dining space.

Images from Planete-Deco, Etc., My Unfinished Home